A recent video of a livestream showing a counter slowly going up in numbers apparently of the National Debt of Malaysia has been storming social media.

Published 2016-11-03 14:05:05

A recent video that has been stirring up the citizens of Malaysia has been one fuelling a lot of doubt and shock.

A Facebook page by the name of Gegey has uploaded a live stream showing a counter with numbers that slowly go up each second apparently showing the amount of the National Debt of Malaysia.

This video is actually a direct stream from this website, NationalDebtClocks.org. According to their About page, “Over 90% of our data is directly obtained from official government agencies and central banks. When this has not been possible we have used data from the CIA, The World Bank or Eurostat. This raw data is then processed through our algorithms which use, amongst other variables, the average 10 year interest rate paid on the debt to accurately calculate the current debt amount at the time you are viewing the debt clock. We believe our calculations are correct working from the data that we have collected.”

This live stream alone is enough to evoke a lot of differing emotions from our Malaysians.

Some remain doubtful, questioning the validity of this video.

(Translation: Is this real? Where's the source?)
(Translation: Is this real? Where’s the source?)

There have been others gone emotional from seeing this, thinking about what is going to happen to our country’s future.

Expressing themselves with crying emoji.
Expressing themselves with crying emoji.


Of course you can expect those who are already calling this bullshit.

(Translation: Clearly a lie, by tomorrow it will be 100 trillion)
(Translation: Clearly a lie, by tomorrow it will be 100 trillion)


(Translation: Clearly a lie, by tomorrow it will be 100 trillion)

Whilst there are the standard jokers who are taking some fun out of this and relating it to a poker game.

Poker references galore.

We still have no idea who the uploader is or why they’re even bothering with the stream, but obviously, a lot of Malaysians are reacting to it. At the time of writing, there are already 1,064 shares, 1.4 reactions and 954 comments on Facebook.

You can check out video on Facebook here or go to the original source here.

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