Shopee is kicking of 11.11 this year with a grand sale and discounts that will make you want to yell "Woot woot!" Get your planner out and Save the Date!

Samantha Tay  |  Singapore
Published 2016-11-08 15:02:52

Rejoice fellow shopping aficionados, for Shopee is back with greater deals than ever in one of their grandest shopping festivals yet.

For those who are familiar with their 2016 9/9 sale, then you’ll know how the 11.11 sale is going to go down. But for those who aren’t, Shopee essentially organised an hourly flash sale with each hour seeing new product discounts that would cause anyone’s mind to spontaneously combust.

And soon, the starting pistol for their 11.11 Shopping Festival is about to go off again at exactly 11am on the 11th of November, with a volley of discounts guaranteed to convert any non-shopper heathen.

But every prudent shopper knows that knowing about the sale is just not enough.

When it comes to the fine art of le shopping in Singapore, tactics must be drawn up and algorithms must be calculated, and these are just the basics to ensure that one derives maximum shopping pleasure with the least amount of hassle.

Fret not, we’ve done all the technical calibrations for you this year and compiled them all into a single cheat sheet for you to make the best out of Shopee’s grand offers.

Here’s a little fun fact for you.

What you are about to read, you won’t be able to find it on your Shopee app. Don’t believe me? Check it. And let’s not forget that this is something that Vulcan Post readers will be the first to find out about.

Are you excited yet? / Image Credit: Giphy
Are you excited yet? / Image Credit: Giphy

And with that, welcome to the Shopee Cheat Sheet.

The One Golden Rule: Know Your Discounts

The 11.11 sale will have products jumping off your screen at hourly time slots.

So unless you’re interested in grabbing as much as you can, you do not necessarily have to stay online throughout.

There will be a total of 7 rounds, with the grand finale coming in at 5pm. 


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream (Was $76, Now $29.90, 61% Off)

Image Credit: awaywiththefairiesblog
Image Credit: awaywiththefairiesblog

This is a perfume with a delicate note of fresh daisies and dreams.

Inspired by daisies and boundless blue skies, the scent is light and airy and perfect with the girl who has a dreamer in her.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml (Was $69, Now $19.90. 71% Off)

Image Credit: Sephora
Image Credit: Sephora

Ah, SK-II, the much loved miracle water brand.

SK-II is the go-to brand for skin rejuvenation that doesn’t cost you a bomb as compared to full-blown facial treatment services in Singapore.

And now, Shopee is making skincare and youthful looks more affordable for everyone.


Daniel Wellington Watch (Was $99, Now $69.90. 29% Off)

Image Credit: elstarade
Image Credit: elstarade

Daniel Wellington watches are known for their simple yet elegant designs and stunning tri-coloured straps.

But if you don’t feel like going striped for the holidays, Shopee is also carrying the classic brown leather-strapped Bristols.

Image Credit: danielwellington
Image Credit: danielwellington 


Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse (Was $109, Now $59.90. 45% Off)

Image Credit: razerzone
Image Credit: razerzone

If you’ve read our previous article on how gaming gear can boost your productivity, then you know that this is something that you should be lining up to buy.

The Deathadder has a ergonomic design meant to fit the curve of your hand perfectly and comes in a matte black finish that prevents the accumulation of sweat and promotes better grip.


Too Faced Melted Lipstick (Was $33, Now $9.90. 70% Off)

Image Credit: makeupalley
Image Credit: makeupalley

Too Faced lipstick is known for being light and smooth with a vibrant, glossy finish that is guaranteed to make your lips pouty and gorgeous.

Certainly not for every female, but if you feel up to the task to try something new and daring, Too Faced is the one for you.


Qlippie Mini HD Camera  (Was $269, Now $139. 48% Off)

Image Credit: wearableo
Image Credit: wearableo

Not for the photography lover, but this little hands-free camera is like the adorable version of a sports camera (just don’t get it wet!)

The basic Qlippie comes in a sleek silver casing, but you can customise your own Qlippie with a variety of body sticker designs. And then Qlip them anywhere.

And then finally we have the grand catches of the day at…


Philips 32 Inch Slim LED TV (Was $237, Now $179. 24% Off)

Image Credit: xcite

Because honestly, tell me where else you are going to find another LED TV at this price.

According to reviews, this model is said to have excellent music when connected to a Hi-Fi system. And according to fellow reviewers on Walmart, the Phillips 32″ LED is simply “excellent value”.

Wait… Is That All?

Of course not, we did not call this Shopee’s grand sale and one of its greatest campaigns of the year for nothing.

This is but a sneak peek into Shopee’s 11.11 Shopping Festival. What we’ve shown you here is only the Vulcan Post pick of the items to hit the bargain shelves, but there’s also plenty more where those came from!

There are just a few more days left before the 11.11 Shopping Festival, but in the meantime, check out these other great bargain campaigns that Shopee is also featuring.

From their daily giveaway…

Image Credit: Shopee
Image Credit: Shopee

To their daily timed sales**…

Image Credit: Shopee
Image Credit: Shopee

Shopee really is the shopping paradise for Singaporeans.

The 11am – 5pm items listed on this exclusive cheat sheet is only a sneak preview of what Shopee has to offer on the 11.11.

So get your Internet connection primed, your shopping fingers ready, and Save The Date for Shopee’s 11.11 Shopping Festival!

For those of you who prefer mobile shopping, download the Shopee app here to start filling up your basket!

This article was written in collaboration with Shopee.

** The Giveaway will not be running on 11.11, but will resume on the next day.

Featured Image Credit: psst

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