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Late last year, one of our higher education ministers mentioned that having two degrees would make it easier for fresh graduates to get jobs. After all, having more degrees means that the student possesses more knowledge and skills, and therefore be a much more desirable hire.

But one main concern students have when it comes to getting more than one degree is time. Sometimes they feel like it’s too time consuming and that they have to put in too much effort or invest a lot more money than they have on hand.

However, there’re actually other lesser known alternatives for future job-seekers to try out. Instead of going through the three-year grind for a degree, you can instead go for shorter courses that allow you to get the right certification at a fraction of the time and cost compared to a conventional degree.

E-learning is quickly becoming one of the major ways for people to attain new skills without needing to leave the comforts of their own home. This portal is one of the options.

The Digital E-Learning Of The Future

Quorsé is essentially a digital marketplace for learning. There is a list of courses from different industries available for people to apply for. Once you’ve agreed on a price, they will then let you know where the class is located.

But Quorsé wanted to enter into the avenue of e-learning and provide better solutions for their courses. For this purpose, they entered a partnership with popular global platform SimpliLearn.

SimpliLearn provides courses that cater towards the business and tech industries. They offer professional certificates that you can work towards and the best thing is it’s all done online.

As the official global partner for Quorsé, they have now morphed into a one-stop platform that is geared towards helping job seekers and professionals move towards lifelong learning.

“The business model and their corporate value they uphold are very similar to us and we feel that our collaboration would definitely be a strong and smooth sailing one as we benefit from each other’s expertise and experience,” said Nigel from Quorsé.

Before this, they were well on their way to becoming the one-stop portal for consumers and companies to search, compare and purchase on-ground training courses. They see this as a logical step in the right direction for the continued growth of their company.

“We recognised that not everybody can commit their time and day to a physical training and included e-learning to widen the options for consumers and companies to be able to still send their staff for training, anywhere, anytime,” said Nigel.

When Powerhouses Combine

Image Credit: Quorsé
Image Credit: Quorsé

The idea for this Quorsé x SimpliLearn collaboration was sparked when Quorsé researched how the digital era has transformed e-learning and opened up possibilities to the way people choose to spend their time learning.

“We understand that many people, especially young adults would love to upskill and learn new courses but do not have capacity and time to attend an on-ground training or courses. We then thought of e-learning as an alternative to it. After a rigorous process of selecting the perfect partner that shares the same value as us—to make education simple and accessible to everyone—we finally chose SimpliLearn,” said Nigel.

When asked what they hope to achieve from this collaboration, they mentioned that they wanted to harness the e-learning trend in Malaysia. In the end, their main goal their wish to see Malaysia being a hub for e-learning in Asia, and their efforts will play no small part in contributing to this.

“Malaysia is currently the fastest growing market for e-learning in the ASEAN region. Our workforce is ever growing and competitive and many people are seeking to improve themselves to increase their employability.

“The uptake on e-learning will only mean one thing to us—we will have a more solid and experienced workforce who are always ready to learn new skills and to adapt to the global demand for specific skills hence improving our economic standpoint and strengthening our workforce in the eyes of the world,” said Nigel.

The Future Of Quorsé

Image Credit: Quorsé
Image Credit: Quorsé

As mentioned earlier, Quorsé took notice how ASEAN had great potential for e-learning and that the region has a large pool of talented people who are eager to share their knowledge to the world and be rewarded for their effort.

So they will be implementing their very own “Become A Trainer” programme where Quorsé will invite industry leaders, lecturers, or even private individuals to create courses that matter to the people of Malaysia.

These courses are meant to provide an avenue for trainers to earn side income while talking and training on subjects that are close to their hearts. Think of it as a part-time job that pays you to teach something you enjoy.

When asked about what Quorsé could see happening in the future with e-learning, Nigel said, “I foresee that more youth and young adults will be employed because they possess desirable skills that are needed in today’s competitive world. Also, people will have a better economic standing due to the earning opportunity created for these individuals to earn side incomes.”

Feature Image Credit: Quorsé

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