Swiftback has merged with Grab through an undisclosed deal, and with it, will cease its operations next week with its assets going to GrabHitch.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2016-12-01 19:00:58

[Update 12am 2nd Dec: We’ve received an update from Grab that this was not an acquisition as we previously heard from Swiftback. This is simply a redirection of users and traffic from Swiftback to GrabHitch]

Carpooling is no longer a foreign concept in Singapore. Long before Grab and Uber came to town with their car pooling offerings, we have had car pooling startups. One of these companies was Swiftback, and their aim was simple – to be the social carpooling app in Singapore.

In just over a year, they have amassed more than 40,000 users, and received close to 200,000 ride requests through their app.

Swiftback Joins Grab 

Image Credit: Swiftback
Image Credit: Swiftback

Despite the traction, Swiftback has just announced that they will no longer be operational, and will cease all operations from 8 December. From now until then, they are currently in the process of migrating and diverting their assets over to Grab. The transition will see Swiftback drivers receiving all the training and benefits the current GrabHitch drivers have.

More details will be released to drivers through an internal email at a later date.

In the meantime, both Grab and Swiftback are working closely to ensure that both drivers and users enjoy a great experience when hopping over to GrabHitch.

Die-hard fans of Swiftback should take all the rides they can right now, as 6 December has been slated to be the last day for ride requests before the company ceases operations two days later on 8 December.

Farewell Note

Image Credit: Swiftback
Image Credit: Swiftback

Founder Hyu Lim also released a farewell note thanking all who has joined in on their journey thus far.

“About a year ago, SwiftBack was founded with a vision to solve the economical and environmental issues of transportation by carpooling, sharing and socialising. Today, our community has grown to more than 40,000 users and have connected thousands of people for a greener ride.

However, our ride will be ending here and we will be ceasing our operations on 8th Dec. We will be supporting GrabHitch on their journey of growing the carpooling community and we will work with the GrabHitch team to assist any drivers or passengers for on-boarding.

Our vision for a positive, social and environmentally friendly carpooling culture falls in line with that of the GrabHitch team, and their display of unparalleled passion and dedication in connecting people have further convinced us that they are the right partners to work with for the transition.

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing ride and for making this vision come true. With your help, SwiftBack has brought about a paradigm shift in the carpooling and sharing culture in Singapore. We have received countless heartfelt and amazing stories of friendships forged thru this platform, and it has been an immense honour to have been a part of this journey.

SwiftBack will officially cease operations on the 8th of Dec with 6th Dec being the last day where you can make a ride request. Swiftback drivers can sign up using an exclusive referral code (SBHITCH) and get $10 in their driver wallet upon completing their 1st ride with GrabHitch.
* T&C Applies : Here “

Hyu Lim

Image Credit: Swiftback
Image Credit: Swiftback

With this happening, Grab is further stamping down on becoming the leading authority of alternative transportation in Singapore.

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