MyRepublic has fallen from the race to be our 4th telco, and local fans are flooding their Facebook page to show their support in this time of loss.

Maria Safi  |  Singapore
Published 2016-12-15 17:06:33

In case you haven’t heard, MyRepublic has lost the airwave bid to become Singapore’s 4th telco, and it has left many of us dejected. The Singapore startup had a large local fanbase rooting for them as many of the services they offered did well with the public. Within the last 2 years, they had managed to rope in many customers.

Instead, Australia’s TPG Telecom won the winning bid with S$105 million, and will now be the 4th mobile service provider in Singapore.

MyRepublic released their official statement on their Facebook page and people didn’t hesitate in expressing their feelings in the comments section.

Image Credit: MyRepublicSG Facebook

MyRepublic’s official statement shows their sentiments on having to back out of the bid and there’s no doubt that many were disheartened. However, according to their statement, it had also been the smartest choice as they were not in a position to bid any higher than S$102.5 million.

Image Credit: MyRepublicSG Facebook

People went all out expressing their sentiments through emoticons and labelling the bid as a “government monopoly”. Despite the air of discouragement, their reactions livened the entire atmosphere.

These weren’t the only comments that people left though, there were also others who expressed hope for a better future for MyRepublic.

Image Credit: MyRepublicSG Facebook

Some also ‘suggested’ that MyRepublic could have bid higher than S$102.5million, but despite the overall disappointment, many wrote that they plan on continuing with MyRepublic’s broadband services.

There were others who took the time to type out one of the most sincere and motivating comments. One of them was Mr. Edwin Khoo, who expressed his gratitude and slight disappointment over MyRepublic’s loss.

Image Credit: MyRepublicSG Facebook

Some dropped extremely motivating comments about how much they appreciated MyRepublic’s efforts. They also expressed hopes of the startup finding another alternative, and that they would continue using their services for as long as possible.

Image Credit: MyRepublicSG Facebook

We Are Proud Of You MyRepublic

It has indeed been a tough competition, and the Singapore startup has fought hard. Moreover, MyRepublic also made the effort to connect with their users and replied to almost every other person’s comment on their official statement.

We hope that there will be even more opportunities for the homegrown brand as people are still holding out for a better future for them.

Feature Image Credit: 1clickrenosg and MyRepublicSG Facebook

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