Our M’sian Music Scene Lacks Exposure, Support Local With These 6 Apps

Apps like Soundcloud and Youtube have been instrumental in shifting the music paradigm worldwide in a way that has never happened before.

The power of music production shifted from multi-million dollar corporations back into the hands the musicians and their listeners. This has enabled who could otherwise have been undiscovered talents to find a platform for growth.

Currently, the next Great Big Disruptor in the music scene is still coming, but in the meantime, other apps have taken on a similar mission to what Soundcloud and Youtube have achieved, and given the ability to either curate or create their own music back to the people.

Local musicians in the past have commented about the lack of support and exposure for them in the scene. However, perhaps one of these might be able to give them a much needed boost.


Joox on Desktop

Against initial expectations, the downloads for JOOX on Malaysian shores has even surpassed Spotify. We had actually said a year ago that JOOX was “sneakily overtaking the local music scene“, and it turns out that they are still on their way, despite little fanfare.

As you may have guessed from the initial comparison, Joox’s modus operandi is similar to Spotify. It is a Malaysian music streaming service for both mobile and web. While the content has been described as “lacking” in terms of international variety, its specialty lies in its ability to cater to the local tastes, as it is curated by Malaysians themselves.

And better yet, out of the popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, JOOX has a larger library of local musicians. So besides just streaming music, it is a better resource for exposure for local musicians.

Available on iOS and Android


Image Credit: Musically

The phenomenon of karaoke apps began with the once popular The Voice App, but today Smule has definitely taken center stage with its ‘sing with others’ option, and its wide variety of songs to choose from.

Despite Smule being an international app, it offers a wide variety of local songs for singers to pitch their voice to. How Smule has achieved this is through the option for members to post their own compositions or edited music for the base instrumental music.

There may be little option for original compositions but this is a good opportunity for local aspiring music producers to practice their craft, while also giving a platform for local singers to choose from a wider variety of songs.

Who knows, the next big voice in Malaysian music might just be discovered from Smule?

Available on iOS and Android


Image Credit: Revelbliss

With the fitness boom that has gripped the nation, RockMyRun is an interesting app that combines deejaying with exercise in a way that almost should have been obvious before

Besides just the dance floor or Spotify, DJs can now upload their music mixes on RockMyRun, an app that is able to sync the music’s beat to the runner’s body. Each mix has been designed with the running cycle in mind, and runners can choose the mix that best suits their running tempo, from high-energy climaxes to the wind-down endings.

Or, let the music drive your runs and set your own tempo if that extra kick of motivation helps you power through a workout.

RockMyRun also offers variety for listeners and composers, with music options ranging from top 40’s, to easy listening, and even 80’s Glam Rock, to cater to the wildly differing tastes between both composers and runners.

Available on iOS and Android

My Music Run

Image Credit: The Expat Go

My Music Run takes the concept of RockMyRun and adds a community element to it. Run by AIA Vitality, it is a 5km lovechild between marathon and music festival.

120 speakers are fitted across the running track, and it pumps out the most popular songs.

The app element comes in when participants are able to download the app to vote for their favourite songs.

Across the 3 years that it The Music Run has been running in Malaysia, music choices have ranged from rock, to pop, to even dance music.

Local musical acts will be available before and after the run, giving a live avenue for local musicians to make their mark into the hearts of the runners that day.

Currently there is no announcement yet for the date of the 4th Music Run, so be sure to check out their website for updates, and registration if this strikes your fancy.


Image Credit: Bandfriend

If you are a musician looking to meet other musicians, then Bandfriend can be just the app to check out.

If you are a musician looking for other musicians to either collaborate with, or even absorb into your own group, Bandfriend is like a LinkedIn for music, where users are able to set up a profile for themselves, and meet other musicians in the area.

Finding that perfect last member for a band is made easier, as Bandfriend offers the option to edit your own profile to meet other local musicians that share interests, relevant skills or favourite music styles. The chat function also enables easy communication between members.

Best of all is Bandfriend’s Soundcloud and Youtube integration, so that you don’t just have to take it from them. Listen to their content for yourself, and develop the best musical collaborations technology has to offer.

Available on iOS and Android


Image Credit: L33t Accelerator

These are not apps per se, but the potential they have to help the scene is certainly worth noting.

The established process of booking musicians in Malaysia has been in need of a revamp for ages, with it’s messy system of verbal agreements and a lack of a performer database. So this is the gap that these apps are ready to plug with their entertainer-booking platform.

This way, musicians have another avenue to find work, and promoters and gig organisers can easily find the perfect musician they need for an event.

Two of these platforms are proudly made in Malaysia, whereas Bookya, while it started out in Manila, adds something new to the table by also making the musicians’ travel plans available, so that they are able to find work wherever they are for a gig, and connect to the right promoters.

Feature Image Credit: G-Shock event featuring An Honest Mistake

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