Singtel has just announced a new 4G speed upgrade that will let you download a film in 2 minutes, giving netizens a new field day for comments.

Samantha Tay  |  Singapore
Published 2017-01-11 18:06:09

In case you’ve yet to hear, Singtel announced this morning that they were releasing a 450Mbps 4G LTE-Advanced service for its 4G mobile customers, and that it would come with no additional charges.

Right now, the bonus is only available for Samsung Galaxy S7s and the Samsung Galaxy S7, but more models will be progressively added to the list of compatible devices.

The update put Singtel at the lead of the telco race as the new fastest mobile network, and customers would be to “download a 2-hour HD movie at 720 resolution in less than two minutes over mobile data”.

This upgrade is apparently the first of many, as Singtel sets out to deliver speeds up to 1Gbps. As noted by CEO of Singtel’s Consumer Singapore Yuen Kuan Moon, “achieving 1Gbps speeds on our live network marks a significant milestone in our journey to 5G.” 

For non-Singtel users such as myself, the announcement invariably strikes an envious chord in me, as I lament my own StarHub contract that still sees a year to go.

But exactly how good is this news?

A Salad Bowl Of Reactions

A quick scan of the Facebook comments for the news on Channel NewsAsia and The Straits Times presents a colourful mix of reactions as netizens do what they do best – comment.

While there have been some positive responses towards the news…

Image Credit: The Straits Times Facebook
Image Credit: The Straits Times Facebook

Much of the responses are geared towards the polarising sort, aggravated by the December blackout that had broadband customers hitting boiling points.

Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook
Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook
Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook
Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook

Some Circles.Life users also seized the opportunity to advocate their no contract life choices with a few aptly placed comments.

Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook
Image Credit: Channel NewsAsia Facebook

Are We Being Too Harsh?

Singtel was not the first mobile telco to fail us, neither will they be the last to do so.

As a non-Singtel user, I would not have access to the new 4G networks, but netizen rage aside, this announcement also implies that telcos now have the infrastructure and technology to support faster Internet speeds than before.

So yes, you may have your reservation and innate rage about Singtel’s speed upgrade, but it opens the floodgates of potential that the other telcos (looking at you, StarHub) will also be rolling out upgrades of their own.

With the arrival of the 4th new Telco from Down Under, Singtel’s new service reads like a book of promise, and one that mobile subscribers will all be benefitting from as the companies gear up for the inevitable 2017 Telco Showdown.

Featured Image Credit: parkwayparade

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