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We know boxgreen as the food subscription service that allows users to customise and receive healthy snacks in Singapore, coming in boxes with a generous variety of ingredients.

When they first started out in Singapore, there was a negative online sentiment that meal subscription plans was far from a viable business model. However, the brand broke through that ceiling when they announced that in 2015 alone, they had already delivered 74,854 in 2015, or a 10x revenue growth from 2014.

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And today they’re back with another fresh instalment.

Vending Healthy Snacks

Image Credit: The boxgreen team

To make healthy snacking even more accessible to local consumers, boxgreen has partnered with real estate agency OUE Limited and Singapore-based startup, SmartRetail and launched, you guessed it, the boxgreen vending machine.

Actually, say that again. boxgreen vending machine. Is it just me, or is there almost a tasteful ring to that?

According to co-founder Andrew Lim, although the startup remains a digital-first company, there are many who still appreciate the interaction with brands in-person. As such, they decided that the next essential step was to connect their online and offline presence.

“With this expansion into offline retail, we’ll be bringing an exciting take on the old vending machine experience. Making our growing range of quirky and healthy snacks available on demand to new and current customers.”

The team is putting an innovative spin on the traditional snack companies, leveraging on a strong online presence to curate and deliver new snack packs to consumers offline.

What will you be able to find in these boxgreen boxes? Although the vending machines will not be featuring all of boxgreen’s creative mixes (yet, we hope), so far we’re seeing the Rocky Peanut Brittle, Heartstrong and El Mexicano among others.

Image Credit: The boxgreen team

Their vending machine is not run-of-the-mill and instead, leverages on consumer behaviour data to showcase a rotating range of healthier snack available 24/7.

The data collected from their main website keeps the team updated on consumer purchasing behaviour and customer feedback. And now, these vending machines will provide deeper insight into offline purchasing behaviour, so that the team can develop and enhance their services further.

Image Credit: The boxgreen team

As noted by Patrina Tan, Senior VP of Retail, Marketing & Leasing at OUE, healthy living is becoming increasingly important for consumers.

As they work towards this demographic of consumers, the company is also gearing up to offer “retail innovations like SmartRetail and boxgreen’s smart vending machine at OUE Link as well as other concepts at the upcoming OUE Downtown.”

Redefining The Vending

Millennials grew up loving the vending machine as a provider of snacks and canned drinks whenever we felt peckish or when the sandman came knocking. But in recent years, the contents of these beloved machines have been changing. From vending machine cafes to local brands stocking up Naiise, vending machines are becoming more diverse in their treats.

boxgreen’s expansion into offline shopping, albeit still limited in scale, certainly looks to be a fresh new addition to this bandwagon.

Featured Image Credit: The boxgreen team, boxgreen

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