This is a list of online job-hunting platforms where Malaysians can apply to for their next career moves, updated for 2017.

Published 2017-01-19 16:09:53

Having been a desperate job-seeker before myself, I can understand the tedious process it takes to find the right job. But with modern technology nowadays, there are quite a number of ways to search for jobs online.

The most obvious option that springs to mind for job-seekers would be JobStreet.com, and with good reason. Founded back in 1997, it has been one of the more popular platforms Malaysians use when hunting for work.  Currently, it serves about 80,000 corporate customers and 11 million job-seekers. The user interface is also very direct as all you need to do is sign up for an account and upload your resume to start applying.

However, we all know that when it comes to job-hunting, we know that the wider the net cast, the higher the chance of finding the right fit.

We’ve written about this before, but this is the latest and updated list that we’ve put together for this year. So here are 10 job-hunting platforms for the internet savvy who are in desperate need of a fresh new start into the working life or want a change of scenery in their career.

1) SkootJobs

Screenshot of the website.

Running since 2015, SkootJobs lists more than 4,500 jobs a month and has grown to having about 170,000 users on their platform. They offer jobs from big employers such as Lazada and foodpanda and their listings are categorised according to type and location which is easy for people to browse around.

2) Freelancing Malaysia

Screenshot of the website.

For those who aren’t feeling ready to commit to the full-time job just yet, you can browse through Freelancing Malaysia. The website allows two options, whether you’re seeking for a freelancer to help you with a job or you’re a freelancer seeking for jobs.

The projects they offer are well-categorised with full information such as payment and the employer’s details. All you’ll need to do is just create an account to upload your resume and explore your choices.

3) Wobb

Screenshot from the website.

Wobb (which stands for Working On Bean Bags) does things a bit differently. They list employers according to their companies and job-hunters can get a sneak peek of the office interior and get a glimpse of the people and working culture before sending in any applications.

They also have a mobile app where users can apply for jobs anywhere and anytime in a Tinder-ish style. Instead of going through the tedious process of sending résumés and filling job application forms, the Wobb app will deliver your résumé instantly to the company of your choice.

4) JOBi

Screenshot from the website.

Jobi is a platform that focuses more on linking you to part-time jobs. It’s a data-driven matchmaker of jobs and people who help you to find reliable and better quality part-time workers effortlessly.

Currently they offer three types of employment which are Part Time, Internship and Volunteer. The platform itself is quite user-friendly as every detail regarding salary and working hours is listed to give interested users an idea on what they’re signing into.

5) TribeHired

Screenshot from the website.

TribeHired is a social recruitment platform where instead of the user searching far and wide for jobs, employers come to you.

Each week, TribeHired curates a list of top 100 talents available to be hired in the area. Interested employers can play video CVs of talents they’re interested to hire. After that, they can then bid and set up three potential dates. The job-seekers then can view these bids and pick three interview offers they’re keen on going at the end of the week.

6) Monster Malaysia

Screenshot from the website.

Monster Malaysia is actually an international job platform that has users across the world and is perfect for those who are interested in looking for jobs overseas as well. Job-seekers can submit their CVs and search for jobs according to specific categories and industries through their comprehensive list but what is quite interesting is Monster also has walk-in and contract job sections for job-seekers who are looking for short-term stints.

7) JenJOBS.com

Screenshot of the website.

JenJobs.com allows users that register on their platform to personalise their accounts that can help the site recommend jobs more tailored to the industry desired. They also provide contract and payroll administration along with having permanent recruitment service specialising in Information Technology.

8) JobHunt.com.my

Screenshot of the website.

The layout of this platform is not exactly enticing as other job platforms but appearance isn’t everything. JobHunt is quite comprehensive with their listings, having been running since 2005. Besides having their listings of vacancies, they also list down events or conventions that job-seekers could visit to have more options or meet potential companies there.

9) A Job Thing 

Screenshot of the website.

What I find interesting about A Job Thing is how they have split their services into a few different websites. Though all their websites are for English-speaking users, they also cater to other languages. Ricebowl.my also lists jobs in Mandarin while Maukerja.my has listings in Malay.

InternSheeps is specifically for interns looking for internship jobs and Insights is more catered for the retail and F&B industry. So there’s a bit of everything for everyone, you just have to make your choice and start browsing.

10) Jobscentral Malaysia

Screenshot of the website.

Opened back in 2009, JobsCentral Malaysia has been helping many jobseekers be matched with potential careers for them. They have an exclusive partnership with Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers that gives a variety of industries in case you’re looking for something more niche.

The website also provides analytics on certain job industries as well as consultation services if you would like to have an in-depth view on a certain job.

Feature Image Credit: nypost.com

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