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Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away.

You’re supposed to show that you’re an adult now who can handle adult responsibilities such as making your abode CNY-ready.

But honestly, if you’re working a full-time job, where do you even find the time to finish up all the preparations necessary for such a big event?

To cater to this dilemma, Malaysian startup GoGet has launched a campaign called #GoGetProsperity.

GoGet is a service that lets you outsource your tasks to GoGetters who will help you with your errands. For CNY, they are offering assistance through 8 services that do away with any last minute rush because they can get it done for you.

Deal 1: Hampers

Image Credit: GoGet.my Facebook page

Hampers are a common tradition for CNY and are given and received by both businesses and families.

Imagine if you have 10 clients. Now try to figure out how to fit all those elaborate hampers in your car as you drive around the city, frazzled with the stress of delivery too.

GoGet is partnering Metrojaya to ensure that users can get the option of having hampers delivered where they want them, without having to deal with the fuss of buying them, lugging them around and delivery is free.

Priced at RM80, the CNY hampers are packed with Mozzcato bangkit cookies, Mozzcato chocolate crispy crepes, crunchy sesame soya peanut, Mozzcato handmade peanut nougat, and one can of imported Guan Yin Chinese tea.

The hampers will be delivered the day after an order is made and can be shipped anywhere throughout Klang Valley.

If you’re looking to get anything else from Metrojaya and your shopping amounts to RM800, it will all be delivered right to your doorstep too.

Deal 2: Pineapple Tarts

Image Credit: GoGet.my

A common treat always found on tables during CNY is a jar of pineapple tarts. No CNY snack pantry is ever complete without this.

Magnifique, an online bakery store specialising in tasty treats, are offering their pineapple tarts for RM13.80 including delivery within the Klang Valley area.

There are two options you can go for; 8 pieces (130 grams) for RM13.80 or 26 pieces (420 grams) for RM38. All orders must be placed before January 26.

Deal 3: Mandarin Oranges

Image Credit: GoGet.my

Known as “gam” in Chinese, Mandarin oranges sound like Chinese word for gold. In order to have lots of “gold” in the new year, households stock up on Mandarin oranges to usher the fortune in.

You’ll see them everywhere during this festive season besides the colour red.

Uncle Lim’s Fruit Stall in Bangsar is offering 800 grams (roughly about 10 to 15 pieces) of their Mandarin Oranges for RM15.80 including delivery cost around Klang Valley. In case that’s not enough, they do cater to larger quantities as well upon request.

All orders must be made before January 22.

Deal 4: Yee Sang

Image Credit: Madam Kwans Facebook page

You can’t have CNY without Yee Sang, a traditional practice done during the reunion dinner with family. Most families also have the tradition of naming the good fortunes they want while tossing the Yee Sang as high as they can.

Madam Kwan’s is offering their Yee Sang deal for 10 people at RM118.80 including delivery around Klang Valley. Deliveries can be done the next day and the timing can be chosen from 1PM to 9PM.

If you don’t want to have your CNY dinner in a bustling noisy restaurant, you can have a lovely dinner with Yee Sang delivered right to your home. Order it ahead of time and save yourself the stress of hunting around for Yee Sang right before the reunion dinner, when the prices have all already been marked up.

This offer is valid until February 14.

Deal 5: Kaodim

Image Credit: sistacafe.com

As with most celebrations, Chinese people are sure to do a thorough spring cleaning of their house before the New Year to sweep away all the bad and make way for the good. But the idea of cleaning an entire house can be a pain, particularly if you’re already exhausted from balancing your work and other life commitments.

Kaodim, a platform that connects you with services, is offering two promo codes. The first gives an RM18 discount for the RM100 basic cleaning services which lasts for up to 2 hours and the second code is a RM48 discount for their RM390 or RM590 spring cleaning services running up to 5 to 8 hours.

Once the code has been claimed, an e-mail with further instructions on how to use it on Kaodim will be sent. The code is valid to be used for Kaodim’s services in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

Deal 6: House Of Cards

Image Credit: GoGet.my

Game nights during CNY are always loud and fun, especially when you have all your relatives and friends over for a good time. Common games played during this season are card games or Mahjong.

GoGet has their very own House of Cards pack which includes 2 packs of standard playing cards and 2 packs of assorted nuts by Tong Garden. This deal is set at a price of RM28.

Delivery can be made within 2 hours after the order is done and is for the whole of Klang Valley. The orders must be made before Feburary 5 to be valid.

Deal 7: Rooster Cake Pop

Image Credit: GoGet.my

Cute desserts are always a nice addition to any festivity, more so if you’re expecting to have young children coming over.

Little Collins are offering a piece of Rooster Cake Pops for RM11.80. They’re made from chocolate cake popsicles that are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with chocolate sugar decoration together with fondant. They also nut-free, in case anyone has an allergy.

Deliveries are also valid for the whole of Klang Valley and must be made before February 1 to be valid.

Deal 8: CNY Themed Doughtnuts

Image Credit: GoGet.my

East meets West with CNY themed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

You can get 2 pieces for RM9.80 or 6 pieces of them for RM19.80 including delivery throughout Klang Valley and you’ll have to get your orders in before January 26.

Each box comes with three of their CNY themed doughnuts which are a rooster, a samfu and a cheongsam which are traditional Chinese outfits. The remaining 3 will be an assortment of their popular flavours including cinnamon, oreo and chocolate dream.

So Forget The Stress And Burden Of Preparation

Anyone who purchases all 8 of the deals is automatically entitled to join a special CNY goodie giveaway and GoGet will be picking 8 lucky winners.

Now that you’ve got these options to solve your preparations dilemma, there should be no more dilly-dallying. You could even have these deals sent over to friends and family if you wish to, to give them the extra boost they may need to get everything done.

Since delivery for all the services and items listed above is free, here’s the easier and affordable option that allows you to skip the hassle of traffic, tolls and transportation.

Bring in all the prosperity this CNY and start off the new year with the image of you knowing how to adult, even if you need the help of GoGet to do it. We promise we won’t tell.

This article was brought to you by GoGet.

Feature Image Credit: azcolouring.com

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