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Chinese New Year is just around the corner. For some it is a time of celebration and joy with family and friends, while for others it is also a period of job transition.

Much like how those celebrating clean up their homes for a new start, many too use the Lunar New Year as a crossroad to consider new opportunities.

I too was at this conjuncture before. Fresh out of school and thinking of where to go next, of course I headed to Jobstreet because it’s the tried and tested way by many job seekers.

Today though, the sheer types of job available across a variety of industries are no longer fully dependent on Jobstreet to fill them up.

Let’s take a look at what your options are if you are seeking new pastures in Singapore.

1. Glints


A startup founded by 3 years ago, Glints is a career discovery & development platform which goes beyond just job listings. They recognize that in this cookie cutter job market, no two applicants are one of the same.

They go the extra mile of giving personalised job recommendations based on the individuals, providing skills development and guidance for relevant career paths. With over 200,000 users on the platform, get connected to startups as well as familiar names in media, marketing and tech as you go on the search for your dream career.

2. Jobs Bank

Jobs Bank

Jobs Bank is one platform that is rising to challenge Jobstreet as the number one job search site in Singapore. Why? Simply because it is a verified and government backed job search platform started by Workforce Singapore. To apply for a job listing here will require you to log in via your SingPass after which you still have to set up a 2-factor authentication for added security.

You can be reassured that all your personal information are safe even before you even get to searching for a job. Expect to find jobs across government agencies, all the big multinational companies, and also not forgetting all the SMEs and startups too who have listed there.

3. Startup Jobs

Startup Jobs

Startups is the buzzword these days in the job market and wiith the ever-growing Startup community in Singapore, they too are seeking talent to join them and Startup Jobs has them all under one roof.

Working for a startup is a whole other ball game as compared to going corporate, but here you will be able to find a common theme. Jobs data and UI/UX developement, business development and marketing, and editorial and media. This is the best platform to be at if you want to immerse yourself in the startup life and pickup some skills before embarking on a startup of your own.

4. JobsDB


Since 1998, JobsDB are the main rivals to Jobstreet in the online job search market. Whatever can be found on Jobstreet can usually be found here as well. Unlike its rival though JobsDB offers more customisation options under the profile section, while also letting attach your own cover letter for each application.

They also have their own mobile app available on both Android and iOS so that you can search, apply for, and check your application status on the go.

5. JobsCentral


Speaking of career portals with mobile applications, there’s also JobsCentral. With over 800,000 users, they are always one of the top most visited sites amongst job seekers. What sets them apart from other job sites in Singapore is the CareerBuilder network, the largest job portal in the US.

Because of this partnership, they are able to bring their services online to an offline audience, through career fairs, workshops and booths providing not just professional opportunities, but also chances to upgrade yourself through institutions of higher education.

6. ST Jobs

ST Jobs

The ST in ST Jobs stands for the Straits Times, and if you’ve guessed it by now, is an online extension of the CATS Classified section in the local newspapers. SPH’s online job portal us like what you’ve come to expect from the classifieds section in The Straits Times newspaper, here you can search for all the traditional variety of jobs you can think of.

7. Monster Singapore

International job search platform Monster has somewhat fall into obscurity in the face of local competition but that doesn’t mean that they are far from relevant in the current job market. With opportunities both locally and overseas that users can apply to, there is a steady stream of prominent employers as well as recruitment agencies posting up job ads.

8. FindSG Jobs

FindSG Jobs

On the surface FindSG Jobs looks like any other job sites, because it is. Big companies like M1, NCS, UOB, Singtel, and Panasonic regularly post up ads here. The thing that sets it apart from the other job search sites is that they have partnerships with TAFEP, NTUC and the Singapore National Employers Federation, so you know you are in safe hands.

Also through their partnership with SG Enable, job seekers with disabilities are also given an extra helping hand to find a desired career path.

9. Recruit Socially

Recruit Socially

Recruit Socially as its names suggest relies heavily on social media when posting job ads. While companies these days have become over reliant on traditional job search platforms, Recruit Socially feels that job ads on social media is an untapped medium. While job groups and pages on Facebook, for example, is anything but new, now you have an “official” means to apply for jobs while on social media.

They are mainly active on their Facebook page when posting job ads.

10. Freelance Zone

Freelance Zone

This is for the ever-growing population of freelances in Singapore. Freelance Zone is a one-stop solution for both freelancers and companies seeking each other. For 8 years, they have helped freelancers secure projects and short term contract with those who require their services.

The good thing about Freelance Zone is that it works both ways – companies can post ads looking for freelancers, and freelancers themselves can post up their own ads advertising their services.

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