PayPal Malaysia wants to bring you through their office not just through a virtual tour but having it interactive so you can get a better insight.

Published 2017-02-06 12:09:58

When it comes to enticing the younger generation to your company, visuals appeals best to get a clear mental picture.

Popularised by the work culture in Silicon Valley, many companies have now opted to adopting such culture where it’s dynamic, energetic and prioritises the work-life balance. To show this, many have resorted to having visual tours of their office.

The tours are usually done in a video style and usually focus on showing the culture as well as the perimeters of the office in a short video. This trend caught on and office tours are a norm—with a caveat that the offices must be nice enough to showcase.

But PayPal Malaysia decided to add an additional twist to the typical visual office tour. They decided to take advantage of the 360° technology and also spice it up to make it an interactive experience.

Here’s a rundown of what’s interesting about their office and what they have to offer.

360° Experience

Video Credit: PayPal

Similar to the 360° video experience, your cursor allows you to move the camera in every direction. All you need to do is just hold onto your mouse clicker and move the cursor accordingly which then shows you the overall view of the office.

From the ceiling to the hallways, just move your cursor around and see all the nice interior décor and planning done by PayPal.

Video Credit: PayPal

There’s also a play button on the lower part of the screen which allows you to see a full 360° view of the room without needing to move your mouse cursor. A nice alternative, particularly if you’re tired of dragging the screen around just to view the rooms.

Interaction And Clickable Items

The cherry on top of the cake is that PayPal incorporated the element of interaction to engage the audience more.

Pop up boxes will appear to provide you a more thorough explanation on what that area stands for and what happens behind-the-scenes.

Video Credit: PayPal

If you’re scouring through the tour and notice some blue icons or flashing items, you can click on them to see further elaborations. It leverages off the interaction aspect by linking some of the pop up notifications with URLs or short descriptions about PayPal Malaysia.

Video Credit: PayPal

If you spot an italicised ‘i’ or a magnifying glass symbol, you can click on those to read a short description regarding the items included in the space.

This particular one with a video play icon will link you to a video showing footage of the PayPal Malaysia working culture. It gives an overview of what goes on with the team who runs the daily operations and what the overall atmosphere is like.

Video Credit: PayPal

A handy feature is the eye-symbol button, which makes all the icons disappear off-screen, if you find them distracting.

It’s interesting to see how virtual tours have evolved over the years and how modern technology allows people to get a sneak peek of an office without even needing to step foot into the building.

After being in operation locally for about 5 years, PayPal Malaysia is making an innovative initiative to show their office to those who are curious.

In fact, the team is still keen on growing their family of over 700 employees so if you’re interested to find out more about what working in PayPal Malaysia is like, you can head on over to their Facebook page here.

To experience this virtual office tour yourself, you can head on to their website here.

This article was brought to you by PayPal Malaysia.

Feature Image Credit: PayPal Malaysia

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