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It’s safe to say that Instagram has become a mainstay in everyone’s smartphones.

Singapore is fortunate to be one of the most Instagram-ed countries in the world, clocking in millions of photos by both Singaporeans and visitors to the country.

As the app grew to become a worldwide hit, its main functionality remains – the ability to post photos and videos one at a time.

That all changes today.

Galleries Have Come To Instagram

Ever wished that you can post several photos in a single post rather rather than uploading everything one by one, and potentially spamming the feeds of your followers?

Good news, you wish just came true.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

You might have woken up this morning to this little update for your Instagram app.

Reading through the details will indeed tell you that Instagram has a little new feature added in that might change the way you share photos and videos.

Image Credit: Instagram

After doing the update, you will notice that you will now be able to pick more than one photo from the gallery when you want to upload content.

Image Credit: Instagram

Moving onto the editing screen, you will be presented with a carousel of the images that you have marked out.

You can individually add filters and do photo adjustments individually until you are satisfied with the results.

Image Credit: Instagram

When you successfully uploaded your album, posts with more than one image or video will be denoted by a series of grey and blue dots at the bottom of the image, which of course indicates that you will be able to swipe through the content.

Image Credit: Instagram

Heading over to your profile page, the way to identify if someone has a post that consists of more than one photo or video will be denoted by an overlapping square icon on the top left corner, much how videos have the player icon at the same place.

Who Is It For?

Anyone really.

Though we can really see artists and photographers using this new feature to create interactive series of works – a more engaging means of storytelling if you will.

For everyone else, what it means is that you will be able to de-clutter your profile from multiple similar images, and grouping them into a single post.

The update is already live worldwide on both iOS and Android.

Check out Instagram’s video below for a crash course on the whole process of creating your own album.


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