With EZ-Pay, drivers no longer need to insert cashcards into their IUs as ERP charges will be paid using credit and debit cards.

Published 2017-03-15 13:42:03

If you’re a driver, there’s a very high chance that there would’ve been a time when you needed to hurriedly insert your cashcard into your IU before passing through an ERP gantry.

Sometimes, even that doesn’t work in time, and you end up needing to pay dearly for the few seconds of misjudgement. (Trust me, I was one of them.)

But what if there’s now no more need for the last-minute panic?

EZ-Link Introduces EZ-Pay For DBS And POSB Cardholders

Today, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards, announced a collaboration with DBS Bank Ltd that will extend the EZ-Pay service to DBS and POSB credit and debit card holders.

What EZ-Pay does is to eliminate the need for cashcards (and the topping up of them), and it is an account-based service that enables ERP payments to be charged directly to the credit card registered by the user.

The service is not entirely new, though, and its launch was actually in August last year. However, only Citibank card holders were able use the service then.

Said Mr Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link Pte Ltd, “EZ-Pay is always a dependable, never-out-of-value solution for motorists, preventing unwanted hassle and negating the need to top-up stored-value card. This presents the future of motoring, as we continue to work with our partners to bring EZ-Pay to other bank card holders and apply it to other forms of motoring applications.”

How To Begin? 

From today (15 Mar), holders of DBS or POSB credit and debit cards can visit home.ezlink.com.sg/ezpay to register for an EZ-Pay account.

For convenience sake, customers can also check records of ERP transactions by logging in to their EZ-Pay accounts or referring to their monthly card statements.

Image Credit: EZ-Link

This service will be made available for carparks soon.

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