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What started out as a little get-together after an entrepreneurship-themed event has now grown into a fully-fledged movement of its own, now celebrating its 3rd year.

DrinkEntrepreneurs is a once-in-a-month hangout with entrepreneurs, and entrepeneurial-minded individuals to exchange ideas in a continually rotating series of bars around Klang Valley. At a DrinkEntrepreneurs event, attendees are bathed in a chill vibe of good drinks and fun, engaging conversations to kick those mid-week blues.

Or, you’re an introvert who is braving a social event in the name of getting your company’s name out there.

It’s an opportunity for corporates to mingle with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to find like-minded corporates, and start widening your business network in a fun setting. Who says you can’t marry business and pleasure? Very Mad Men-esque.

Jon Hamm would approve (Image Credit: PopSugar)

To celebrate their 3rd year of running, the guys behind DrinkEntrepreneurs are co-hosting this month’s mad hang with like-minded entrepreneurial companies to throw a large party. It’s happening this Thursday, March 30 2017 from 8pm–11pm at Black Bull, Avenue K.

Based on the location, we kind of see what they mean by party. We’re not quite sure if all of these areas will be full operation during the event, but Black Bull is a bowling-themed dining area, inclusive of karaoke space, pool and dart lounge, and even a dance floor.

Image Credit: TLW Grace on Blogspot

If you’re planning on going in, here are some names that you might want to look out for on the nametag stickers.


Image Credit: BEAM

No strangers to running their own entrepreneur-themed meetups, BEAM is primarily known as a platform for networking; though everything from a chat site that allows allows you to connect and network with everyone from Venture Capitalists to startup founders and to everything in between.

As runners of their own platform to connect business and entrepreneur-minded people, getting to know guys from BEAM might just be the ticket your business or job needs to take to greener pastures, as long as you say the right things.

2. The Technopreneurs Association Malaysia (TeAM) 


A collective made by technopreneurs for technopreneurs, being a member of the TeAM is acknowledgement that you’re an active player in the ICT scene of Malaysia.

These guys are the guys can tell you more about the Digital Free Trade Zone thanks to their role in the industry, and have been actively doing their part to invigorate the tech scene in Malaysia like collaborating in the Asean Connect, which helps startups market to other Asean countries, or helping SMEs go online with AmaxMall.

3. Common Ground

Common Ground.

Common Ground is an open workspace that finds its home in a 17,000 sqft penthouse in Damansara Heights, boasting amazing views of the panoramic Kuala Lumpur cityscape as well as great interior design. They may have just launched earlier this year, but Common Ground is one of the latest ventures by Catcha Group, putting it in line with iProperty, Rev Asia and iflix, among others.

The team behind Common Ground believes in community-building, and is no stranger to entrepreneur hangouts themselves. On top of providing space for nomadic workers and tech startup runners to mingle and pool ideas around a problem, they are building onto the concept of community through their own networking events, inclusive of 5-minute pitching sessions.

4. Startup Weekend 

Image Çredit: Startup Weekend

Something of a JomHack for startups, this event is a crash course into startup-dom that runs across three days. Participants are given a chance to pitch, and the best ideas will be fine-tuned by mentors and successful startup founders into a viable, marketable idea.

The team behind Startup Weekend is going out to invigorate the startup industry, by setting up the necessary skills and scrutiny that all startups go through, while also exposing them to the robust startup culture.

These guys have ties to MaGIC, and are no strangers to dynamic conversations about the minutia of startup founding.

5. JomHack

Image Credit: JomHack

Speaking of JomHack. In partnership with PixaWorks and MDEC, JomHack wants to make Hackathons cool again. Their purpose is for participants to develop viable uses for IoT solutions that can be implemented in smart cities worldwide, and they’re definitely not shy to actively walk into the mud with the buzzwords.

Each hackathon comes with a different theme, such as “Smart Cities With LoRa,” among others. These guys have the insider knowledge on the nitty and gritty of software development, and surely have a lot to say based on the sheer variety of solutions that have been ‘hacked’ in their hallowed halls.

6. FinTech Association of Malaysia (FAOM)

Image Credit: FAOM

Only formed last November, the FAOM aims to streamline the FinTech scene in Malaysia and to become the voice of the players. As such, they would have a lot of FinTech connections and know-how, and are not a bad organisation to have in your pocket if you do anything remotely related to FinTech.

Joining DrinkEntrepreneurs seems exactly like part of their efforts to become the point of contact for industry players to find each other, become a source of information, air their grievances, and finally form a community with one interest in mind.

And The Event Is Tomorrow

And another media connection you can be making tomorrow in Avenue K is yours truly from Vulcan Post. If you have ever even thought of entrepreneurship in Malaysia, or just thirsty for scintillating conversations, the ‘big party’ with Drink Entrepreneurs seems like the place to be when it comes to talking up people who might share your interest, even if it is in the middle of the week.

If you’re going to be there, see you at 8pm at Black Bull, Avenue K.

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