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Virtual Reality (VR) has been touted as the next big thing in how we will experience the world.

For the first time ever, this new technology hailing from Europe reaches the shores of Southeast Asia. Exclusively to be introduced in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand markets, HappyFresh incorporates this new VR feature into their latest tech.

“We’ve heard many of our customers saying they enjoy all the physical aspects of grocery shopping, but are simply too busy for it,” said HappyFresh.

Brought all the way from Germany, the engineering team from HappyFresh has spent the past year putting together countless hours into building, prototyping and testing this feature in order to perfect the technology and user experience.

And today finally marks the day that HappyFresh can proudly announce the launch of the Southeast Asia’s first virtual reality grocery shopping feature, HappyReality.

HappyReality helps replicate the most realistic images, sounds, and other sensations from a real-world grocery shopping experience, giving users the ultimate best of both online and offline shopping.

Take a look at the video below to see how HappyReality can enhance your shopping experience.

So what can you expect from this sensational new feature?

1) A Nifty Heat Vision Function

Image Credit: HappyFresh

One of the pains of shopping in stores is when there’s just too many options and you can’t find that ONE brand you want.

So instead of needing to go around asking the employees or wasting time rummaging through many inferior products, HappyReality has a heat vision function that you can activate to identify your favourite brands in seconds.

It will even help you spot the most popular products in any category, in case you don’t have a clue which item to buy.

2) No One Knows Groceries Like YOU

Image Credit: giphy.com

Nothing’s more frustrating than personal shoppers getting your products wrong, especially your veggies. When I want a carrot, I want a super bright neon orange coloured carrot that Bugs Bunny would fly all the way here to get. I don’t want no saggy tomatoes neither. #StopSaggyTomatoes

So with HappyReality, you can actually take your time and look through those veggies to get the cream of the crop. Hurrah for fresh produce!

3) Potentially Meet Celebrities!

Image Credit: giphy.com

Celebrities need to eat too, believe it or not. Sometimes they get tired of having that air diet and apparently, some of them are testing out the prototype. So don’t be surprised when you’re scrolling down the aisles with HappyReality and suddenly, you bump into that friendly neighbourhood star you’ve been wanting to see.

Perhaps even your fellow neighbourhood hero? (This article is not sponsored by Uncle Ben).

Image Credit: giphy.com

4) Lines Are Back In!

Image Credit: HappyFresh

Everyone knows the main highlight of grocery shopping is the checkout lines. We all know the hot yet familiar feeling of watching an auntie in front of you count out RM100 purchases in coins.

HappyReality brings back that experience for you. It gives you the chance to catch up on your social media, stream an entire season of Game Of Thrones on Netflix or even finish that project you needed to get done.

5) No Judging Allowed!

Image Credit: HappyFresh

There’s no such thing as judging eyes in HappyReality.

That packet of condoms? Those sanitary pads your girlfriend demands that you get? Those biscuits endorsed by that pop star you secretly fangirl over? Buy them all. No one will judge you, except maybe the HappyFresh virtual cashier from jealousy.

6) All The Strong And Independent Peeps, Please Stand Up

Image Credit: giphy.com

That resolution you promised yourself earlier this year can still happen. You can still have your daily workout through HappyReality’s feature. It allows you to carry all your groceries in one trip because nothing says #strengthgoals than being able to achieve this.

7) Rush Hour Best Hour

Image Credit: memegenerator.com

Now that you’ve managed to carry all those grocery bags (workout done for the day, congrats!) to your car, it’s time to chill and head back home. Turn on that stereo, fill your car with those beats and ride on out.

Image Credit: giphy.com

To meet traffic!

Rush hour is always best, I mean when else can you sit in your car for hours not moving? HappyFresh realised that a lot of people missed facing rush hour trafffic so to bring that experience back, HappyReality gives it to you in VR!

Image Credit: HappyFresh

Safe to say, I’m quite sold.

This is a pretty cool innovative move. The technology is new and it’s a nice step they’re taking to stay on trend and involve their customers in the process more.

HappyFresh’s grocery service wants to make it easier for all. Their wide range of merchants is meant to cater to your daily grocery needs and you can have your kitchen well-stocked again with their fast delivery.


If you want to try it for yourself, you can check it out here.

Feature Image Credit: Compiled from oculus.com & shoppingmart.com

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