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Seedstars is a well-known organisation among the startup community. They help connect stakeholders within these ecosystems and build companies from scratch with their public and private partners while investing in top entrepreneurs.

With a variety of activities ranging from startup scouting, company building and acceleration programs that run globally, this April 6 they will hold the Seedstars Summit 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Over 65 startups who beat their competition in their regions will be presenting their ideas. From medical services to catering for the fit foodies out there, it’ll be an event that will showcase an array of young talent ready to make their mark in the scene. Malaysia’s very own local startup, MyCashOnline will also be there.

From most of the startups presenting, here are the 10 startups we wish would expand further and break into the Malaysian scene because our society really could benefit from their services.

1) Dalil

Dalil Project is derived from the Arabic word meaning “guide”. What their service specialises in is providing a system where they help the blind community to navigate in an unknown environment through object and obstacle detection. This is exceptionally useful for those who don’t wish to simply rely on their canes or blind dog companions to lead their way.

The solution they give is having camera glasses that are linked to a smartphone application. The input is extracted directly from the glasses so the visually impaired person won’t have to hold or carry any device with them or in their hand and the output will be provided in the form of vocal instructions. They are also the winners for Seedstars in Algeria.

2) Fentury

I feel like this is something most of us young and new working adults would appreciate, especially when we’re suddenly bombarded with new financial responsibilities.

Fentury is essentially a personal finance advisor that makes users understand their money expenditure and help to improve future planning. The app allows people to connect all their bank accounts, e-wallets or other services to see a unified picture of their finances in one place.

A cool feature that I believe most Malaysians can make use of would be their Budget feature. Fentury offers users flexible budgets that help to set priorities straight. It’ll be easier to make sure we’re not overspending on stuff we may not need and stay well within the limits of a healthy financial life.

3) Gliacloud

GliaCloud is a Taiwan-based technology company that helps incorporate Artifical Intelligence and Big Data into users’ daily lives. They provide a range of solutions and applications when it comes to data analytics and machine learning. Their flagship product, GliaStudio is an AI video creation platform that allows online publishers and e-commerce owners or even individuals to automatically convert articles into videos.

Video content has been proven to dominate mobile and social media traffic. So GliaStudio helps online publishers enhance their reach rate without making huge investments. Their current official partners include Google, IBM and Microsoft.

4) Kostoom

Gone are the days when looking for a tailor meant that you needed to leave your house. At least in Indonesia.

Kostoom is a mobile application that helps fashion entrepreneurs and fashion designer create their products. They help empower local tailors by extending their reach to customers with this platform. Customers can simply browse through the app for the nearest tailors and Kostoom would come directly to customers to pick up the fabric materials.

The designs are also entirely up to customers so long as a detailed sketch and pictures are given to help bring it to life. Those wanting to start in the fashion business could start their own line with a low budget as Kostoom has a minimum quantity that starts only from 24 pieces.

This would be so handy for Malaysians during our multiple festive seasons when we’re in dire need of getting that perfect traditional outfit.

5) Makerbrane

Incorporating creativity and knowledge, MakerBrane.com is a brand new maker system where they allow people to create whatever they want with their product. The branes—as they call it—are physical, similar to LEGO and can be hackable such as those you see in Minecraft. It’s suitable for those who are experimenting with inventing and creating different type of product mashups.

The branes are little modules invented to be able to connect to anything such as other Branes, LEGO parts and electronic modules. The creator then has the flexibility to experiment with various designs.

6) Mind Rockets Inc

Wanting to help the public reach out to the deaf community more, Mind Rockets Inc is a mobile application that helps translate text or speech to different sign languages that can be understood by the deaf community. The app also aims to empower the deaf by creating a sense of engagement and independence in society.

Aside from teaching the public on how to learn different sign languages with their avatars, the app also showcases deaf-friendly services that helps provide access to public or private sector services that may be of their interest. Their end goal is to help develop assistive technological solutions for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing worldwide.

7) Mindpax

Mental health is something not spoken about often, so they’re left to feel like they’re part of the minority. To help cater to a certain segment (specifically bipolar patients), Mindpax helps assist those who suffer from bipolar affective disorder.

Their service lies in their mobile app that is a continuous collection of subjective information. There are guided questionnaires and app interaction features to help patients learn more about their mental illness. Mindpax also provides fitness bracelets and smart watches for the collection of objective actigraphic information in order to analyse their illness better.

The data will then be transmitted to a web portal for systematic analysis and display of collected data, becoming a efficient tool for doctors, researchers, patients and health institutions. The data can also help automatic detection of episodic relapse signifiers while providing relapse prediction and early warning system for doctors, patients and their relatives to prevent hospitalisation.

8) My Taste Guide

Everyone knows dieting isn’t easy but there are ways to make it less difficult for you now.

My Taste Guide or now known as Equalution is an Australian-based startup that consists of a nutritionist and a fitness model to help provide the right ways on how to maintain a healthy diet.

How they do this is by applying individual statistics of each person’s body with science and deriving meal plans that cater to the health and fitness goal they’ve set. The mobile app only takes scientific factors of your body into consideration before helping calculate the right nutritional values individuals need to focus on while not missing out on good food.

So it’s basically a fitness trainer that helps schedule your diet the right way without needing to actually physically have one beside you at all times.

Are there any other startups presenting at Seedstars Summit 2017 you’re excited to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Credit: entrepreneurs.com

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