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There are many adventure seekers among us in Klang Valley with a thirst for the great big outdoors, but may not necessarily have the time to take that leap. Between long travel hours that the modern adult may not have, it may seem like adventuring is a far stretch for us.

But with a little bit of creativity, even the beaten path of the KL streets can yield fun adventures that everyone can enjoy.

1. FlyBoard

Image Credit: RedRibbon Days

Flyboarding is a watersport that lets you use powerful water pumps to propel you into the air ala Iron Man—and imagine being able to capture your moment of flight with a solid waterproof sports camera like the Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera, for posterity and bragging rights.

Here’s how those shots might look like on the swanky new sports camera.

In Malaysia, the activity is available in Marina Putrajaya. There are pressure-controllable nozzles that attach to the bottom of your feet and let you propel yourself into the air and fly in whatever style you’d like.

And since any landing will be in the water, participants can go absolutely crazy with the stunts. Despite what you may think, with the proper control you can actually do a lot with this water propeller.

Channel your inner Iron Man in Marina Bay with the FlyBoards Malaysia.

2. Go Diving Off A Bamboo Platform

If you’re strict about only going anywhere in Klang Valley, then Tadom Hill is great for camping. There’s lots to do in the area like bamboo rafting or swimming for those looking for a mellow time.

But there are also a 5m bamboo diving platform and Tarzan swings, for all the inner acrobats. It also makes a sweet photo at the end of the day.

Just do be warned that you perform these stunts at your own risk.

Image Credit: Peckiparul07 on Instagram

But if you’re willing to take a 3 hour drive out of KL, then you’ll be able to set up camp in a mossy forest that does justice to even the most enchanted magical forests you’ve seen on Disney. It’s located in Brinchang, near Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

Image Credit: Syamilasyraf_ on Instagram

Imagine setting up camp in this Coleman Sundome 2 person tent and breathing in the unique flora. Do be warned that it is a good idea to engage the services of a local who can drive you up on a four-wheel drive, and also about where it’s safe to trek.

3. Take A KL Cycling Tour

Image Credit: Zafigo

Some experienced KLites might instinctively gasp at the idea of cycling anywhere in KL, and this may require a bit of bravery on the rider’s part.

Using a Garion mountain bike with 21 speeds to navigate the highs and lows of the road, visit interesting and historical KL landmarks during your travels. Or do a foodie-run on your bike to all of the food must-haves in KL, from hawker-stall fare to the hipster cafes. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about looking for parking if you’re on a bike.

Alternatively take your bike down the less congested roads of Putrajaya over the weekend if you’re looking for a cycle with a bit more variety than the normal cityscapes.

If you’d rather cycle in the middle of the road sans the traffic, then join the KL Car Free Morning every first and third Sunday of the month, 7am–9am precisely for recreational activities.

4. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping in Sunway Lagoon

Some Subangites might be rolling their eyes and proclaiming “duh” right now, but for those who might not be in the know: you can actually try out Bungee Jumping right here in Klang Valley with a ticket to Sunway Lagoon

Before aiming for the top bungee jumping guns in New Zealand or Singapore, put on your training wheels and leap off a tall surface in Sunway Lagoon for RM130.

Image Credit: Travefy blog

If Bungee Jumping is not your thing, then Sunway Lagoon is still a great time for both you and any kids you may happen to bring along, with attractions like Haunted Houses and the wave pool. And there, you can adorn your kids with this adorable Speedo Sea Hat And Goggle Set.

5. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Selangor

You can find a plethora of services offering to bring you white water rafting in the Selangor River, and with good reason. Often considered the second best river in Malaysia, the Kuala Kubu Bharu location has five different levels of difficulty, from the extreme beginners to the seasoned pros.

It’s one of the must-do extreme watersports activities here in Malaysia, and a great way to forge bonds with your mates, braving the waters. It’s both a rush of water and a great rush of adrenaline. And since we live in this gadget age of tablets and phones, you can keep your stuff dry with this Hypergear Waterpoof Dry Bag at 20% OFF.

6. Archery Tag

Indoors archery tag

Taking laser tag or paintball to another level, Arena 51 has upgraded that usual fare with paint-tipped bow and arrows, ready for players to channel their inner Legolases or Katnisses (depending on how your bow tingles).

And you can do all of these varieties of activities wearing these PUMA Trinomic Training shoes, that are good for both grip and heavy duty sporting.

This game also requires a minimum of 10 players to be split into groups, and can be played either with kids or adults.

Their unique games include:

  • The Knockout
    • The combat strategy way of playing with your bow.
  • Death
    • The more classic of archery battles, where two teams duke it out over a plot of unclaimed land.
  • Zombie
    • A Plants vs. Zombies-style game where archers have to shoot down an onslaught of zombies.

And to really put a spring in your step while you’re shooting down your foes, Puma Women’s Faas 300 V4 Running Shoes is lightweight, breathable and sleek-looking for maximum badass points.

7. Challenge Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Image Credit: Lockdown

If you’re both an adventurer and a puzzle lover, then you will love challenging the rooms in Lockdown KL. Lockdown KL is a reality first-person adventure game that was inspired from online room escape games.

Like Escape Room and other similar adventure games, Lockdown KL is divided into different rooms, with different themes.

But what gives them a point of uniqueness is that these rooms are based on more realistic scenarios, like getting kidnapped, or escaping out of prison, so that you can truly immerse yourself into the mindset of your character.

8.  For The Tiny Adventure Seekers

If adventure runs in your family, there are tonnes of kid-friendly adventures you can have in Klang Valley too.

Image Credit: Farm in The City

Farm In The City: With an aim of teaching city-slicker kids to appreciate animals, Farm In the City is exactly what it says on the tin, where animal-loving kids (and adults) can interact with animals, by feeding and petting them.

You can find tonnes of animals here, from kangaroos, elks, dikdiks, to even the humble cows and parrots.

Image Credit: Aquaria

Aquaria KLCC: Or if you want to give your little ones a more marine-based animal education course, Aquaria provides an up-close and personal look on the variety of sea creatures you can get your hands on. And you can even skip the queue (and minimise tantrums) by getting tickets online. Activities also include petting of aquatic life like starfish, and watching the feeding of ferocious sharks.

Image Credit: CNN

KidZania: From landing an aircraft to making announcements on a broadcast station, KidZania Kuala Lumpur has over 100 professions for kids to role-play.

An indoor edutainment centre that offers learning through interaction in a kid-sized city, kids will work to earn kidZos, KidZania’s very own currency in order to pay for goods and services. Getting started is simple! Pick an occupation, learn about the job, don a uniform and start earning and spending kidZos.

For The Adventure Seekers

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Do you know of any other cool activities that KL thrillseekers can engage in? Let us know in the comments!

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