A few days ago, the Faves Asia video went viral for all the wrong reasons. Last night, the team finally responded to the commotion - here's their reply.

Samantha Tay  |  Singapore
Published 2017-04-06 15:40:50

A while back, Faves Asia posted a video of how their social media influencers work. From how to take great photos, attend events, to enjoying your newfound celebrity status.

Unfortunately, while it might have been done in good humour, it certainly wasn’t received that way.

Instead, the video became infamous for highlighting the superficiality of influencers. Especially how the lead female evolved from not having good selfies to embracing a life of consumerism.

The video has since been removed from their Facebook page, but here’s a remix.

Image Credit: Daniel Peters Facebook

What Happened Last Night

The Faves Asia team uploaded a lengthy post on Facebook in response to the online commotion. Here it is below:

Image Credit: Faves Asia Facebook

Here, the unnamed spokesperson shared that this video was a pet project, a “fun project for the team and our talents to work on something together.”

Although he/she admitted that the storyline had been exaggerated, it was never their intention to “paint an inaccurate representation of the industry.” Netizens however, aren’t completely convinced.

Image Credit: Faves Asia Facebook

A Lesson Learnt 

Clearly this was a moment of learning, one many have experienced when face-to-face with the netizen influence en masse.

The power of today’s social media is such that any faux pas, no matter how insignificant, can easily turn into a media shit-storm. And while this watchdog / mud-slinging behaviour provides veritable entertainment, it also reflects the unforgiving nature of the social media users.

If the Faves Asia incident teaches anything, it’s that not everything online will be seen the way we want it to be seen. And of course, we’re just going to have to suck it up and take the brunt when that happens.

At least Faves Asia didn’t give a “sorry, not sorry” reply.

Featured Image Credit: Coconuts, marketing-interactive

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