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Following the popularity of our previous job article, we decided to again present to you, dear reader, a list of cool companies hiring in Malaysia right now—with more of a focus on startups this time round.

This should be around the time where a batch of fresh grads are finally free of the education requirements and are finally taking their first steps into the job world. Plus, there are always people looking for jobs, one way or another.

So here’s our roundup for the month.

1. WebTVAsia

Image Credit: WebTVAsia

This company is definitely one for the people looking to enter the media industry, whether behind the camera, or even those who are looking into YouTube fame. WebTVAsia is a growing digital media entertainment company in Asia, and has offices and studios in 9 countries like China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and of course, Malaysia.

Anyone who joins gets an opportunity to be involved across the company’s diversified media entertainment businesses; film, music, artiste, event, digital, marketing etc. The roles aren’t set in stone and heavily specialised, so a marketing person could have a chance to contribute towards creative events, for example.

“Key tip for future candidates,” said Yuenping Kam of WebTVAsia. “We make the most conducive environment possible for any talent to thrive and shine. It is entirely up to their personal motivation to grab the opportunities presented to them with both hands, an open mind and passionate heart.”

And the many job opportunities available include:

2. Hermo

Image Credit: Hermo

One of the premier beauty sites in Malaysia, Hermo offers up a wide array of beauty and makeup products. They are one of the few e-commerce giants housed in Johor instead of Klang Valley.

One of the fastest growing e-commerce marketplaces in the region, they are a young team housed in a super swanky office that includes a British phonebooth, and also a slide. They have a strong focus towards what any beauty junkie would want.

Jobs Available:

3. The Picha Project

Image Credit: Picha Project

They’re a social enterprise (meaning a sustainable business that contributes to charity) that wants to give marginalised communities in Malaysia sustainable food through a food catering and delivery service. They deliver meals that are cooked and prepared by refugees.

They place a high priority on the quality of the food, making sure that they are fresh and made with care and high quality ingredients.

But more than a business, they aim to build a community. A potential employment option for someone who is interested in the refugee crisis, the team believes in being direct, honest, but all with love. And for now, they’re only looking for interns.

Jobs Available:

4. LokaLocal

Image Credit: LokaLocal’s Facebook

Branding themselves as a travel platform by locals for locals, LokaLocal offers up more personalised travel experiences all over Malaysia, hosted by people who know who know exactly about the hidden gems in their area.

Aside from the obvious interest in travel, Lokalocal is looking for individuals who are results-driven, proactive, challenge the status quo, passionate about what they do, and play to win.

They’re particularly on the lookout for any interns (particularly for graphic design), and they are flexible with the internship duration too.

Jobs Available:

5. ModeFair

Image Credit: ModeFair

Branding themselves as a social commerce platform, ModeFair is an e-commerce site that combines brands and social influencers into one place to collaborate and share curated products. Their aim is to make online shopping a tiny bit more social in Southeast Asia, and they’re starting in Malaysia.

The team consists of everything from fashion lovers, globetrotters, entrepreneurs, techies, coffee lovers and adrenaline junkies.

The office perks in ModeFair include free parking in a shopping mall, subsidised gym membership, a continuing supply of snacks. You also get free medical and flexible working hours with ModeFair.

Jobs Available:

6. WeStyleAsia

Image Credit: WeStyleAsia

This platform is for discovering new stylists, salons and beauty and wellness professionals around you. Advised by Datin Winnie Loo herself, founders Arthur Tan and Andrei Chew have expanded WeStyleAsia from more than just stylists and salons. Now, WeStyleAsia is a personal grooming assistant that also helps professionals connect to potential clientele.

In the WeStyleAsia office, communication skills are highly valued, and everyone’s voice is treated equally regardless of seniority. The team has a strong sense of unity and an enriching culture, as proven by one of the activities they had in 2016, the United We Transform 90 Days Programme.

Jobs Available:


Image Credit: KLOOK

Another one for the travel-lovers, KLOOK allows users to discover and book in-destination services at competitive prices. This could either be tours to great local sights, tickets to local activities, and even offers for Airport pickups, car charters, and Wi-Fi & Sim Card pickups.

Run by avid travellers themselves, the team appreciates what it’s like to experience a place beyond its surface. So they seek out experienced travelers and local experts to present the best travel activitities with insider-deal prices.

The company will also subsidise activities for your personal trips, along with medical benefits to confirmed employees a well-stocked pantry and at least one team outing every quarter.

Jobs Available:

8. Passion Republic

CG Reel (Image Credit: Passion Republic)

Gaming enthusiasts may remember the Malaysian company that made their mark in the popular Uncharted series, and they’re also hiring this year. Passion Republic is a team that creates digital content. Besides Naughty Dog, the team has worked for big-gun developers and publishers worldwide including Activision, Microsoft Games, Sony, Sega, Square Enix and Warner Bros.

The team is passionate about digital content creation, and do everything from establish creative direction, producing game cinematics, and producing assets or animation.

Jobs Available:

9. Offpeak

Image Credit: Offpeak on Facebook

Offpeak, as the name implies, is a platform that provides users access to discounts on restaurants during off-peak hours. But besides just offering deals on their platform, the team behind Offpeak believes in using fun and creative ways to promote any brand on their site.

It’s an opportunity for businesses to get discovered, and for consumers to widen their choice options.

Jobs Available:

10. StormRaise

Image Credit: Stormraise

For jobseekers interested in the startup scene, StormRaise provides educational resources, creates awareness about angel investing, fosters a community of angels and shares insights into the market for startups and investors alike. Their focus is currently on smart cities, auto tech and education tech, some buzzwords of the current startup scene.

Recently coming out of what they call their ‘stealth mode’, the angel investment platform and venture builders are looking for people that will help them on their newfound direction in the company.

Jobs Available:

Feature Image Credit: WebTVAsia

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