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Uber is likely one the most used apps by people in many major cities around the world – Singapore included.

And because it is so widely used, the developers behind the app are constantly tweaking it according to user feedback or whenever the company is introducing exciting new features.

These incremental upgrades, though, rarely get noticed by users. And if they do, it is not right away either.

However, these updates are actually useful once you get to know them.

1. Uber Rider Ratings

This is the feature that until recently has stayed buried deep within the menus – you can actually check your rider ratings the same way how drivers have their own ratings.

Now, once you go into the sidebar, your rider rating will be in plain sight right under your name and you can see how good (or bad) of a rider you have been since you’ve started your Uber adventure.

Image Credit: Uber

Much like how you can rate drivers on a scale of 5-stars, they too can do the same to you. So whatever you see right now is the average of what all the drivers you have ridden with have rated you.

2. Apple And Android Pay

Image Credit: HSBC

If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with having Uber having your credit card details, you can actually use Apple Pay and Android Pay as a payment option for your rides, depending on your smartphone’s compatibility with the payment platforms.

To be able to make payments via these routes, you first need to key in your credit card details into the wallet of your Google or Apple accounts.

Once you’ve settled through all the various authentication procedures as required by your bank, you are good to go.

Just know that you will need to go through the extra step of biometric authentication, mostly through your fingerprint sensor, every time you book a ride.

3. Lost And Found

This one’s for anyone who has ever left behind something in a car, never to see it again.

There’s actually a relatively unknown feature within the Uber app that you can turn to for the times when you do leave behind belongings in a car.

How you get help is simple. Go to “Your Trips”, select the trip that you lost something, and scroll down to the bottom until you see the “I lost an item” option.

Tap that, and continue to “Contact my driver about a lost item”. You will then be prompted to leave a phone number for the driver to contact you when your belongings are found.

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones are the number one item that most people leave behind. Though it’s also pretty ironic, considering it was used to book the ride on the Uber app in the first place.

4. Privacy Settings

Image Credit: Uber

Near the end of last week, Uber also rolled out some much needed updates to privacy options, with its own standalone section within their app.

Under “Privacy Settings”, you now have more control over your location settings, what you share with your contacts, and notifications.

Here, you can toggle between having your location switched on or off in the Uber app. Just know that having it off will mean that you will be using the app with limited functionality.

Now, you can also on or off notifications relating to your trips, or discounts and news on the latest happenings on Uber.

Lastly, if for whatever reason you would like to remove your account, there is a self-service deletion process called “Delete Your Account”.

5. Dropping Pins On The Map

Image Credit: Uber

Continuing with the privacy theme, this one’s for those who are wary about their drivers knowing their exact pickup and drop-off locations.

In an update rolled out in mid-April, Uber introduced cross streets. It is a way for riders to arrange a pickup point between two streets without explicitly sharing their exact addresses, such as those of a home or office.

If you cannot get this feature to work, fret not, you still have the good old pin on the map. When booking a ride, simply drag the map around until the pin in the middle of the screen lands at your desired location.

This is just one of the ways that Uber is helping to keep your information private. On top of just keeping your phone numbers anonymous whenever calls are made through the app, Uber also doesn’t disclose your identity to the drivers if you report an issue with your ride.

Giving You Control In The App

With these features, Uber isn’t just giving you more control over your accounts, but they also want you to be responsible for it.

Personal safety is also a top concern which was addressed through updates to keep your information safe.

Despite all the improvements on the rider side of things, do also spare a thought for the drivers, especially for ratings, which is a two way street between riders and drivers.

Sure they are some bad drivers, but the same can be said of riders, and all you need to do to make a driver’s day better are words of encouragement after a ride.

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