The unassuming Apple AirPods are capturing the hearts of everyone despite the underwhelming reception by critics worldwide.

M. Shazni  |  Singapore
Published 2017-05-03 13:04:19

The Apple AirPod. On it’s release, it was met with a polarising reception by literally everyone.

It was the first step by Apple towards a post-headphone jack era after its removal from the iPhone 7 in making a truly wireless headset based on the EarPods.

I tried it, and I loved it, and until today I continue to use it on a daily basis.

Now 6 months on, the results of Apple’s usually disruptive decisions to its own products have proven to be fruitful.

Survey Says 98% Of Apple AirPod Owners Are Happy With It

Silicon Valley industry analysis, market intelligence and research firm Creative Strategies Inc recently conducted its own customer satisfaction survey centered around the AirPods with 942 people.

In this two part survey they first find out how satisfied consumers were with their purchase.

Image Credit: Tech.pinions

Out of 942 people, a staggering 98% of them are happy with their purchase. Breaking it down further, a massive 82% of the total surveyed consider themselves “very satisfied” while 16% were just “satisfied”.

The firm found that the most used words when describing the AirPods are Fit, Magic, Sound Quality, Convenient, Love, Good Sound, and Battery Life.

Some of those terms would continue to the second part of the survey as we shall see next.

Image Credit: Tech.pinions

The second part of the survey then breaks it down to several parameters of the product, and the results are pretty much self-explanatory.

With the lowest score bottoming out at 93% for the AirPod’s ability to comfortably fit in their ears, all other factors have a higher score with the highest belonging the charge time of the AirPods with 98% satisfaction.

The Bluetooth Domination Continues

The Apple AirPods have literally changed how the world sees Bluetooth headphones since it was finally made available for sale in the months after its initial announcement.

Image Credit: Slice Intelligence

According to another firm specialising in digital commerce activity and customer loyalty, Slice Intelligence, the AirPods are responsible for “the largest single day of headphone sales online in 2016”.

This also takes into account that it single-handedly took down the two most popular shopping days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The firm also noted that by the end of 2016, wireless headphones is responsible for 75% of online revenue in the headphone market.

Image Credit: Slice Intelligence

Also worth a note is that after its launch, the AirPods even captured a quarter of the wireless headphone market topping out at 26% by the end of 2016.

For a single product to have this immense of an effect is unprecedented but then again, we’re talking about Apple here.

This is before take into account Apple’s other headphone brand, Beats, which is currently sitting in third place at 15.4% market share.

Together, Beats and the AirPods represent more than 40% market share in wireless headphones.

Even now, the Apple AirPods are still an elusive buy thanks to the high demand for it globally. A look at the Apple Store online shows a 6-week before it reaches your doorstep.

We say that 6-week wait is worth it if you are still on the fence about it. Else check out the Beats X, we loved that too.

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