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Mother’s Day 2017 is just around the corner, and if you’re as psyched as I am, there’s already a ton of plans shooting through your head.

Across the world, this day is celebrated differently, from special church prayers to school songs and skits. Other interesting celebrations involve children tying up their mother and only releasing her when she offers treats (Yugoslavia) and children sketching illustrations titled ‘My Mother’ and submitting them into global exhibitions (Japan),

However the form, the meaning of Mother’s Day remains the same – to express gratitude and love for the women who have nurtured us.

This year, we decided to reach out to local entrepreneurs, but not to hear about their thanks to mums. Instead, we asked their mums how they mothers felt about their paths as an entrepreneur.

1. Flora Lee, mother of Joey And Vannessa (A Poke Theory & Alter Ego)

When they were still in their teenage years, they had a dream of setting up a café together as siblings.

I remember asking Joey if he would consider taking over my share of the building industry business back then, to which he replied, “Ok, I could do it – but I’ll sell the business and use the cash to start something that I have an interest in instead.”

It wasn’t a bad answer for his age then, which clearly demonstrated his entrepreneurial sense at a young age. As an entrepreneur myself, I was outright supportive. I’ve always told them that in entrepreneurship, the sky is the limit. Qualifications are good to have, but not mandatory.

Most importantly, it is a mother’s pride to see my two kids sharing the same passion and vision. It is rare to see siblings so closely knitted, and I am so glad and proud to know that they will always put the family first, before business, in any disagreement.

Image Credit: Vannessa Lee

2. Marilyn Lu, mother of Melissa Lou (Delegate)

Follow your dream and never give up on what makes you happy and passionate in life. Always work extra hard and know that your family is supporting you unconditionally.

In times of adversity, don’t despair and keep praying for God’s help! Praying for Delegate’s success!

Image Credit: Melissa Lou

3. May Bong, mother of Jacky Yap (GRVTY Media)

When I found out about what he was doing, he had already quit his job and started his own company. My first reaction was whether he would be able to make any money, and that was a scary thought.

Although he tries not to worry me too much, I will still always be worried about him and whether he is too stressed out. I don’t always understand fully what’s he doing, but I know that it’s what he loves. And that’s good enough for me.

Image Credit: Jacky Yap

4. Susan Lee, mother of Mandelena Koh (Plain Supplies)

I don’t believe in interfering in the decisions my child makes – she chooses and I will not forbid.

As she is my only child, I have always supported her in anything and everything she does. I will always support her as long as she knows and does what is right.

And now that the business is slowly picking up, like all mothers, I just wish success for her, Poh Shen (co-founder) and the business.

Image Credit: Mandelena Koh

5. Gloria-Maria Cho, mother of Ian Gregory (Witching Hour Studios)

Failure is part of your journey to being an entrepreneur. Learn from the mistakes made by you and others to creatively solve issues. Read a lot about successful people and how they motivate themselves when the going gets tough. The learning curve is a continuous cycle to stay relevant.

Have the perseverance to rise above the obstacles that come your way. People skills, communication, networking, trustworthiness and self awareness are some of the key factors to achieve your goals.

Make decisions knowing that you can handle the consequences with a back-up plan. Be not afraid to let go when a gut feeling tells you a situation is going to cause future headaches. Work with people who share your vision and commitment to go all way.

Most of all, I will be a pillar of strength you can lean on.

Image Credit: Ian Gregory

6. Lily Liong, mother of Jacqueline Ye (Delegate)

I’ve always known that she has that entrepreneurial spirit in her. She’s exhibited many traits since she was little and I couldn’t be more proud to be her mother. I want her to know that she will always have my support.

Jacq, I love you, you should listen to me more and know that great success will come to Delegate!

Image Credit: Jacqueline Ye

7. Irene Chiam, mother of Jonathan Yuan (Frednology)

I have always encouraged my son to pursue his passion. From when he was a little boy, I taught him to always stay humble and hardworking. I made him understand that he can achieve anything in life as long as he work hard at it and never give up.

And I will forever be his number 1 fan in every opportunity that he wishes to explore.

Image Credit: Jonathan Yuan

It’s easy to forget all the little things our mothers do for us, from the small sacrifices to the larger ones, but one thing is for sure – a mother’s love is one of the most enduring there is.

Mother’s Day may be just a few days away, but there’s still plenty of time to whip up something for these special ladies in your lives! Here’s wishing all mother’s out there an amazing Mother’s Day!

Now, excuse me while I go plan for my own feast…

Featured Image Credit: Ian Gregory, Mandelena Koh, Melissa Lou

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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