Meet The M’sian HR Platform That Will Reward You Just for Getting To Work On Time

We get it, we get it—millennials are lazy, entitled, want more than they deserve, unmotivated, flighty, and the list goes on.

It’s only in a generation like this where a software like TraitQuest can come about, some would say.

In a nutshell, TraitQuest is an online performance management system that leverages off gamification to engage employees.

Their platform is all about promoting employee happiness and increasing engagement between employers and employees.

The gamification system that they use might more often be associated with video games or loyalty apps.

Image Credit: ITCILO E-Campus

It does make sense though. If a method works to keep gamers addicted or retain customers, why can’t it be used to develop and retain loyal employees?

“HR has sadly been referred to as ‘boring’ and ‘not crucial’ to most businesses, especially in Malaysia,” said Leo Lee, CEO of TraitQuest. However, he thinks that his product can help with refreshing it.

He gave an example of one of the most common features used on TraitQuest’s platform, the Time Attendance System.

They work with their clients to gamify employee attendance, allowing users compete on their punctuality and accountability.

Why would you want to compete on that anyway, you ask. When it’s tied to rewards, that’s why.

Some examples of rewards include monetary benefits, credit towards time-off, or even access to a director car park.

Leo clarified that the “rewards” are not incentives or bonuses though.

“If money is all that a company can offer, they will stay or leave because of money,” he said, and that’s not what a company would want.

The “tasks” and the “rewards” are entirely up to the company. TraitQuest will simply work together with the company to translate it onto their platform. Right now, they deal primarily with businesses with an employee size of 50 and above.

Of course, some make take umbrage at a company just rewarding what should be “normal” behaviour. It’s similar to the complaint of rewarding kids for every single small “achievement”.

However, Leo already has an answer for that.

“Most humans are driven by instant gratification and this system facilitates that. These ensure proper progress and trackable outcomes. Regular feedback also serves as recognising or encouraging proper behaviour and performance outcome.”

Besides the gamification aspect that keeps employees engaged, TraitQuest can also function as a tracker and monitor of employee performance.

“We can devise KPIs for the specific industry based on practical scenarios. We have not introduced a component that allows for a deduction of points, so there will be no punishment if the KPI is not achieved.”

“The idea is to reward every process that drives the desired result instantly and not wait till the end of the year or for quarterly reviews.”

The team takes around 45 days to set up a system for each company, going from devising their KPIs and mapping it with their system, and then implementing it.

Their end goal is to help drive organisation goals and increase business performance.

“We recognise that Malaysian SMEs are still ingrained with the traditional mindset where employees are deemed to be a ‘liability’ rather an ‘asset’, thus they will only reach out when the need arises.”

“As such, we want to position ourselves to be the first people they get in touch with when that happens via creating awareness now about how our performance management and employee engagement system works,” said Leo.

Feature Image Credit: TraitQuest

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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