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For the 2nd year in a row, Mercedes-Benz partnered up with Ultra Singapore as a premium partner with one goal in mind: to discover the joys of living life to the fullest through arts and music.

In conjunction with the launch of the new generation of their GLA series, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia ran their Urban Hunting x Ultra Singapore campaign where partners, fans, and customers were treated to an unforgettable weekend.

And we were lucky enough to be a part of it.

Being first time attendees to a global music festival, we hadn’t much of a clue on what to expect, but Mercedes-Benz went all out with a weekend full of premium services and high-value experiences that the brand is synonymous with.

We’ve put together our 7 highlights of the 3-day road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on top of the music festival itself.

Don’t get us wrong—Ultra Singapore was an experience to be remembered, but these just took the weekend to a whole new level.

1) Cruising down from KL to Singapore with class.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

When we first heard we were driving down to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, we did not relish the idea of a 5 to 6 hour drive.

Backache and fatigue from sitting in a car too long? Having to handle driving for long stretches? No thanks.

But Mercedes-Benz Malaysia furnished us with their C 200 Exclusive Line, a compact executive car that retained the classic Mercedes design without feeling outdated.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Being a Mercedes-Benz, we predicted it would be comfortable but what really impressed us was how smooth the drive itself was.

The suspension and handling proved to us that comfort and looks can go hand-in-hand. Initially, we thought the steering wheel looked big, but it was steady and easy to maneuver with.

We did find changing the gear a little tricky at first since we’re not used to it being near the indicators but it grew on us.

There was even a little notification halfway that reminded us to take a coffee break, after about three hours of driving. That was a nice touch.

2) Getting a 5-star experience at Ritz-Carlton.

The beautiful main lobby of Ritz-Carlton.

Mercedes-Benz went all out when it came to hospitality and booked us deluxe rooms at 5-star hotel Ritz Carlton in Millennia Singapore.

One key advantage? It was well within walking distance to Ultra Singapore, which made travel back and forth really easy.

We arrived early on Day 1 and our rooms were not ready yet but the hotel staff very efficiently gave us access to their amenities so that we could freshen up.

The heated jacuzzi area.

We made use of the spa which was decked out with a heated jacuzzi, a sauna, spacious shower cubicles with various water settings and a makeup room where everything from deodorant to hairspray was provided.

3) Having a beautiful view of Singapore.

Upon entering our deluxe room that Mercedes-Benz had booked for us, we were greeted with the scene below.

The view of Singapore.

The room was well-furnished with comfy beds and a wide lounge area that was more than enough for the two of us.

Image Credit: The amazing bathroom.

The bathroom also offered its own sights, and we got to view the skyline of Singapore as we luxuriated in the tub.

4) Exploring Singapore with Mercedes-Benz.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

Ultra Singapore was not the only event Mercedes-Benz had planned for us.

For lunch, we travelled in a eye-catching Mercedes convoy headed by Mark Raine, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Passenger Cars for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.

As Mercedes-Benz Malaysia had recently introduced its latest iteration of the ultimate urban hunter—the new generation GLA—we got to give one of them a test run through the Urban Hunting Drive Around Singapore event.

We were given the GLA 250 for the drive and what a ride it was.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

One customizable feature that stood out to us was the ‘Dynamic Select’ button. It allowed us to choose the individual suspension settings with a choice of 5 different transmission modes–Comfort, Sport, Eco, Individual and Efficient.

Personally, we felt the Sport function gave us the right balance of speed while still giving us optimum control while moving around the Singaporean roads (which were thankfully not too congested at that time).

5) Getting a full VIP experience at the Mercedes-Benz suite.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

As the premium partner of Ultra Singapore, Mercedes-Benz had a private suite exclusively for their guests.

The suite was located in front of the Main Stage, giving us the best possible view without needing to battle the crowd to have ample room to party.

Image Credit: sgcarmart.com

The two-storey Mercedes-Benz suite hosted more than 1,500 partners, customers, and fans across the region over the two-day festival.

The close proximity with the stage let us immerse ourselves in the atmospheric melodies and see the stunning LED displays firsthand, yet enjoy the luxury and comfort of the suite.

The pampering didn’t stop there. The suite had dedicated full service bars where guests were given 5 complimentary drinks. There were sofas and bean bag areas with small tables for guests to lounge around freely.

Also, free popsicles were provided to battle that Singapore heat.

The new Mercedes car. Image Credit: sgcarmart.com

The Bond-esque experience was amplified by car displays featuring the sporty Mercedes-AMG GT S and the new generation GLA—Mercedes-Benz’s flagship compact sport utility vehicle set to be introduced later this year.

No party is complete without a photo booth, and we got an interactive bullet time, freeze-motion iteration.

There was also a Mercedes-Benz social wall where guests could view the latest chats and happenings online which beamed up live feeds and posts.

6) Decking ourselves out in exclusive gear.

Since this is Mercedes-Benz, they went all out with their goodie bags.

The goodies we received. Image Credit: kakiconcert.com

Ultra Singapore is very strict when it comes to bags that can be brought into the festival. Mercedes-Benz thoughtfully furnished us with the correctly sized bag loaded with goodies to enhance our festival days.

The ring light was perfect for those selfies in dimly lit areas, there was a cap for the inevitable rain, a pin that lit up, a glow stick bangle and…

Image Credit: sgcarmart.com

A battery-powered fan that flashed the words ‘I love Mercedes’ when turned on.

Not kidding, the fan was probably our favorite gift for a much needed breeze when we were resting in between partying.

7) Convoying back in style to KL from Singapore.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

For the drive back, we were part of a Mercedes-Benz convoy that consisted of their new generation GLA along with others from the A Class and CLA too.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

We were given the Mercedes A 250 to drive back home, a more compact version designed with a sportier exterior yet maintaining the comfort that the A-class series is known for.

The A 250 did not disappoint, despite being the smallest of the cars we’d driven so far.

Its size didn’t stop us from being amply cushioned—we barely felt any of the bumps on the road.

As with the GLA 250, the A 250 is also fitted with the earlier mentioned ‘Dynamic Select’. When it came to the damp and slick roads of Malaysia as we were driving back, we had no issues with the grip or balancing as we went around turns and bends.

It’s not often that we get to travel around in such style, taking the wheel of 3 different Mercedes-Benz cars and getting a premium VIP experience.

We have to say this Singapore adventure was truly an unforgettable one.

Here’s to next year!

This article was written in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.

Feature Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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