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If you think you can’t change the world if you don’t have superpowers, that’s not true.

Even everyday ordinary people, united in a cause and working together can make a difference. That’s exactly what this NGO is striving to prove.

Lovely Disabled Home (LDH) was established in 2005 and they have been working on giving the disabled community a voice in the society.

The home aims to provide a safe space and care for those with disabilities of any kind. They live by the words ‘Love’ and ‘Concern’, believing that with these two aspects, we can bring happiness and joy to anyone.

The home is working hard towards several goals over the years which include:

  • Providing a safe work space for the handicapped
  • Establishing a volunteer-based task force
  • Helping the handicapped achieve a healthy and independent lifestyle
  • Creating public awareness for the community
  • Advocating the use of recycled goods and promoting recycling

They envision a day when everyone would be accepted completely and given a chance.

And with that in mind, they created “Run for a Chance“, a charity run that has no discrimination against the disabled community—a charity run that truly includes everyone.

The charity run will take place on the 16th of September this year and it will be held at Oasis Square, Oasis Damansara.

To raise funds for their organisation, LDH are targetting for 3,000 participants to join the charity run.

The main goal is to invoke a sense of belonging and inclusiveness for the handicapped as they run side by side with everyone else.

The vision for this run was to have families participate. The feeling of running alongside your family members all together—even if they were disabled—was something they wanted to give to the community.

“Inclusivity of Persons with Disability (PWD) within the community has always been a key to a mature and healthy community. During this Charity Run, the OKU category gives the public a chance to run alongside with our friends with disability, bridging understanding and creating meaningful moments together,” explained Kayson Ng, the Organising Chairperson of the event.

They wanted to put the message out in the open: We are all the same if you give us a chance to prove it.

It’s all about giving the society the opportunity to see this community without a skewed perspective, especially the younger generation.

“There is also a Family Category, where we encourage parents to expose their children to our PWD friends, thereby advocating disability awareness among the younger generation as well,” he further explained.

There are two tracks for the run: 3km and 10km. Prices go from RM40 to RM150 for the family package.

Besides creating public awareness in the society, they are also aiming to promote the LDH socks—a product fully packed, and delivered by the residents of the LDH.

Hard at work packaging socks / Image Credit: LDH

At LDH, they emphasise the importance of work opportunities for the handicapped. The home believes that these products—which are safe and simple to work on—will help the disabled have a stable income to support themselves independently.

Besides making socks, the residents have workshops where they have different tasks such as newspaper arranging for flower or vegetable packaging and fast food packaging.

Image Credit: LDH

LDH also operates a recycling centre in a residential house which provides meaningful work and wages for the members.

All the members—no matter what disability—are given a choice of jobs they can do. They are given the right to have a stable work opportunity without being discriminated for their impairment, helping them realise their full potential fully.

They are hoping to fund raise RM200,000 from this charity run to lighten the expenditures of LDH’s operations next year.

At the end of the day, we’re all part of the same community and building a world where everyone can have a place in the sun isn’t such a bad thing to work towards.

It’s organisations like these that are helping make the world a better place, one small step at a time. They’re the superheroes of the real world.

You can find out more about LDH and the run here

Feature Image Credit: LDH

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