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If you’re a techie looking for a job, look no further – dreamboat Razer is hiring.

During 2017’s Tech3 Forum, Razer was named one of the best tech companies to work for in Singapore by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS). Together with Red Hat, the ex-startup came out an overall winner in the large/MNC category.

But Min-Liang Tan’s gaming empire isn’t the only familiar name on the list.

Carousell (startup category) and Titansoft (mid-sized/SME category) also topped the lists for the “innovative practices and demonstrated workplace excellence”. 

The other companies mentioned are Accenture, EON Reality, IBM, ST Electronics Info-Comm Systems, Tableau, Tinkerbox and Titansoft.

And if you’re wondering if these tech companies are hiring, the answer is yes.

1. Razer

Image Credit: Journalist

Even if you’re not a techie, they have plenty of roles available (and not just in Singapore).

While there aren’t any cool titles like ‘Warlock Warden’, there are über-professional sounding ones like ‘Customer Advocacy Specialist’.

As expected, the company has a lot of opportunities for software and data engineers, so if you’re a graduate with a degree in Computer Science, Razer most likely has something for you.

Here’s the list of Razer jobs available.

2. Red Hat, Inc

Pantry race at Red Hat / Image Credit: YouTube

This American software company provides open-source software to help companies solve business challenges, with Fortune 500 companies making up 90% of their client database.

According to Glassdoor, one of the main pros for the company is its collaborative and open culture along with a supportive team network.

For those who want to have space to explore their own ideas and creations, Red Hat is also the space to be.

And as for jobs, the Red Hat Singapore is currently recruiting for a diverse range of roles from Sales, Brand and Design Manager and Cloud Architects.

Here’s the list of Red Hat jobs available.

3. Carousell

Image Credit: Carousell

This company needs no introduction.

A poster child for Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem, this company has attracted raw talents from much more established companies, simply because they could.

And with their startup rapidly expanding into so many countries and sectors, it’s not surprising that they’re hiring as well.

Available roles from Carousell range from Business Development to Software Engineers and Product Managers.

Here’s the list of Carousell jobs available.

4. EON Reality 

Image Credit: EON Reality

In Season 4 of Silicon Valley, Erlich claimed “any idiot could walk into a f***king room, utter the letters ‘V’ and ‘R’, and VC’s would hurl bricks of cash at them.”

And IRL, EON Reality is the one of the biggest players in that game. With 22 global development centers – with Singapore being the Regional HQ and R&D in Asia – this company is at the forefront of VR tech.

According to company reviews, working at EON is going to be challenging, but it also offers many opportunities for you to experiment with the latest tech.

Unfortunately, EON Reality Singapore isn’t hiring right now, but you can keep a lookout here for future positions!

5. IBM

Family Day at IBM / Image Credit: LinkedIn

Since its conception in 1911, IBM has evolved from a hardware production company in New York into Big Blue – one of the world’s biggest employers at almost 380,000 strong.

As IBMers, their jobs would be to be in “a constant state of innovation”, and that goes the same for the company, which only recently ditched its infamous employee review ‘Checkpoint’ system.

And with such a big company, tech job opportunities in Singapore are aplenty, from Oracle Solution Managers to Data Scientists as well as Content writers.

Here’s the list of IBM jobs available.

6. Tableau

Dusshera and Diwali celebrations at Tableau Singapore / Image Credit: LinkedIn

Tableau Software is a data visualisation company whose great working environment is honestly, something to be damn proud of.

Company culture is big on teamwork and collaborative spirit, and their colourful office design certainly helps bolster community spirit.

The company prides their staff in being ‘humble-smart’, which means micro-management is non-existent and everyone’s values and ideas are respected. And each year, the company flies everyone to Seattle for their Annual General Meeting – no one is left out.

And yup, they’re recruiting globally as well, although available roles in Singapore are mainly for Sales and Operations (but high-ranking positions are available).

Here’s the list of Tableau jobs available.

7. Tinkerbox

Image Credit: Tinkerbox

Another homegrown company on the list, Tinkerbox is a design and development studio building software and apps for startups. They pride themselves on a strong shared learning culture “very much like a school sans exams”, and employees are expected to contribute in building a community – for as learners and teachers.

At the moment, they only have one opening though – for a Senior Rails Developer, but if you’re interested in possible future openings, do keep a lookout on the link below!

Here the list of Tinkerbox jobs available.

8. Titansoft 

Image Credit: Glassdoor

Local software development firm Titansoft prides itself on being fuelled by passionate people who want to “amplify value” with tech.

Although they can’t exactly be called a startup anymore, they do excel in having a flat hierarchy and strong team spirit. They’re probably one of the few brands who took the effort to create an A to Z of what defines the ‘Titansoft culture’, and I must say that I like the letter ‘B’ very much.

Job openings for Titansoft range from UX Developers to Scrum Masters.

Here’s the list of Titansoft jobs available.

9. Accenture

Liquid Studio from entrance / Image Credit: Accenture

Accenture is a management consulting firm that provides digital solutions for many large companies, notably 75% of the Fortune Global 500 brands as well.

Working at such a global company of course comes with many pros, such as never having to worry about a lack of projects to work on. According to an employee review on Glassdoor, the company is a great springboard for your career, a place where you are led by managers who challenge you, but at the same are willing to take care of you.

Jobs at Accenture are categorised into ‘students exploring careers’, ‘interns‘ and ‘professionals‘.

For professionals, jobs run from Sales to Business and Tech.

Here’s the list of Accenture jobs available (professionals).

10. ST Electronics Info-Comm Systems

Image Credit: Stengg

A wholly-owned subsidiary of ST Electronics, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) specialises in consultancy, design and implementation.

Jobs here are a little more high security, as the company provides solutions for Digital Defence Systems, and the e-Government and ICT Systems.

But as the Earth heads into global warming warning zones, there’s also an emerging interest in ‘Green’ and sustainable tech, so if you’re graduating with a Diploma in Clean Energy, these roles would be apt.

Jobs available include roles for Project Managers, and a variety of Engineer positions.

Here’s the list of ST Engineering jobs available.

More Than Just Tech

Although we’ve listed only tech companies, the openings aren’t limited to just tech.

And besides, who wouldn’t want to work in a company where the people know how to fix all your gadget problems, or teach you to build your own app for anything?

Featured Image Credit: Vulcan Post

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