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Jack Ma: If We Keep To Traditional Teaching Methods, Children Won't Be Able To Find Jobs 30 Years Later

At the International Big Data Expo in Guizhou, China earlier this year, Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma shared that if we were to keep to traditional teaching methods, he guarantees that in 30 years, children won’t be able to find jobs.

Here’s a quick translation of the exerpt:

We need to think uniquely for the future, have a firm grasp of it, and also play it to our advantages.

With the knowledge boom in the past 2000 years, human have experienced great changes. However, we’ve not progress in terms of our wisdom.

While you can learn knowledge, wisdom is an experience. Competition is a battle of wisdom and experience.

So if we were to just continue with traditional teaching methods like memorisation, calculation and so on, and not let our children experience, or let them try out the arts, I can guarantee that 30 years later, children won’t be able to find jobs.

This is because you don’t have any means to compete in this era. The past 200 years was the knowledge era. The future 100 years is the era of wisdom, experiences, and services. This is because machines will eventually take over 200 years’ of skills and technology.

Check out the video in Mandarin here.

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