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Finding a job in the Philippines is hard enough, but looking for the best company to work for is even more challenging.

Thousands of jobseekers roam the streets everyday hoping to land a good paying job with a reputable company, but very few will be given the chance to work for Philippine-based companies that promise excellent compensation, health insurance, potential for career growth and other perks.

If you’re on a job quest, consider applying to these seven companies in the country that offer the best employee benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

San Miguel Corporation

Image Credit: San MIguel Corporation

Who doesn’t know San Miguel Corporation (SMC)?

It’s by far the most popular company in the country after having been around for a very long time. It is the Philippines’ largest company in the field of food, beverage, and packaging.

At present, it has more than 15,000 employees all over Southeast Asia. It ranks high in terms of businesses, products, and brands.

It’s no surprise then that many jobseekers want to be employed with SMC. It boasts of great pay and benefits. For example, employees can file for a sick leave or vacation leave with pay.

In case of financial emergency, the company offers leans to employees without interest. Their educational program allows employees or their dependents to further their studies through a loan with zero interest. Meanwhile, rank-and-file employees are given one sack of rice every month while a clothing allowance is also provided for everybody.

Nestle Philippines

Image Credit: Nestle Philippines

Nestle Philippines definitely makes it to the list of the most sought-after companies by numerous Pinoy jobseekers.

And why not? It offers exceptional benefits to its employees and a very desirable working environment. Aside from the usual bonuses, those who perform well have additional incentives. In fact, employees use Key Performance Indicators for evaluation and they’re always encouraged to craft their own careers with the company.

Some of the key benefits employees enjoy are free dental check-ups, miscellaneous allowance, and loans. They also provide educational support and free use of the gym.

Accenture Philippines

Image Credit: Accenture

Accenture offers their one-of-a-kind “Total Rewards” package to employees.

Their package includes competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, opportunities for career growth and programs promoting work and healthy lifestyle balance.

One of the perks of working at Accenture is that you get free dental check-ups, body analysis, body sugar and BMI among others. In addition, you get special rates or discounts in gyms and fitness facilities.

It’s also one of those companies that greatly recognise the individual contributions and exemplary performances of their workers. In addition, the company provides travel opportunities and the chance to work with international clients.

BDO Unibank

Image Credit: BDO

If there’s one thing that sets aside BDO Unibank from other companies out there, it has to be their belief that their most important assets are their employees.

Not all companies believe in the power of their workforce so it’s no wonder that BDO Unibank wants their employees to be healthy and happy.

All their employees have comprehensive benefits including group life insurance as well as medical and accident insurance. They also provide maternity leave with pay as well as midyear and Christmas bonuses.

Their dedication towards their people is so remarkable that everybody wants to be a part of this successful company.

Ayala Corporation

Image Credit: Ayala Corporation

Ayala Corporation has been around for more than 180 years. As one of the oldest Philippine-based companies, it covers real estate, telecommunications, financial services and water infrastructure. It’s also one of the leaders in transport, electronics and automotive industries.

So how did it last this long in the corporate world?

It’s because of its four core values of long-term vision, empowering leadership, integrity and commitment towards national development. Many Filipino jobseekers dream of working for Ayala Corporation because it puts emphasis on innovation and provides employees with varied opportunities to advance in their chosen career path.

Employees are enjoying all kinds of benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave which can be converted into cash if not used. There’s also free dental and medical check-ups.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines

Image Credit: Coca-Cola Femsa

Did you know that Coca-Cola Philippines is the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products all over the world?

In fact, it’s proud to inform everybody that it has more than 8,000 Filipino employees. The company is known for granting some of the most desirable comprehensive benefits packages for workers out there. The pay is very competitive and there’s always room for career growth.

Image Credit: olympic.org

Did you know that the company has several sponsorships like the Olympics, Special Olympics and World Cup?

Employees are given a chance to get free tickets and participate through a competition. Other perks include annual and long-term incentives.

SM Investments

Image Credit: SM Investment Corporation

Known as a leading conglomerate in the fields of property development and banking, many dream of working for SM Investments Corporation (SM).

SM is famous for its SM Store with branches nationwide and other food retail stores. If you want to be a part of an ever-growing company, SM is the no. 1 choice. As an employee, you get competitive pay, opportunities for career growth and enjoy other perks too.

To start, the company strictly follows the regulations set by the Department of Labor and Employment, especially for the health and safety standards of all its employees. All regular employees are appraised yearly and are encouraged to participate in different health wellness activities such as fun runs, as well as arts and creativity programs.

Great Companies Are All Around You!

Don’t we all wish to work for a Philippine-based company that provides everything from excellent pay to other benefits like health insurance and career advancement?

One doesn’t need to go out of the country anymore just to find work because landing a job with any of these Philippine-based companies that offer the best employee benefits is enough to help you live the good life.

Start applying now!

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