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One of the freest experiences you can enjoy is a simple bicycle ride.

Humans might not be able to fly, but gliding along smooth roads on two wheels can make you feel like you can. Mandy Moore’s song “Wind in my Hair” relates pretty well, as she sings how she’s “got the wind in my hair and a gleam in my eyes and an endless horizon.”

But when the wind is this strong, don’t push your luck / Image Credit: A Wandering Photo

Getting yourself on a bicycle isn’t difficult, but finding the motivation to do so might be why you’re being lazy about it.

Well, it’s time to get those gears running, because we’ve selected 7 gorgeous cycling routes for you. All you need to bring along is a good pair of wheels.

1. East Coast Park to Gardens by the Bay

The East Coast Park Extension set up in 2015 connects ECP up to Marina Bay to create a cycling route over 20km long.

From ECP to Marina Bay / Image Credit: Hello Clarisa

Starting at Changi, the route cuts past the Marina Bay Golf Course all the way to Gardens by the Bay East, and is a family favourite during the weekends.

Gardens by the Bay East / Image Credit: Tiffany Lim Blogspot

Did you know that Singapore’s famous otter family is also available for photographs at Marina Bay? Active hours are from 6-9am and 4-7pm so plan your trip in advance to catch them at their playtime!

Otters at the Gardens / Image Credit: Going Places Singapore

2. Marina Bay

Now that you’re at Gardens, don’t leave too soon! The route around Marina Bay and Marina Bay Sands is a popular choice amongst many cyclists and joggers, especially as the sunset sinks into nightfall and the city lights up against the night sky.

Night cycling at MBS / Image Credit: Lets Go Bike Singapore

To re-fuel, Makansutra is just next to the Esplanade, alongside plenty of other recommended eats such as Alter Ego and Barossa. After that long day, you deserve it.

3. Coney Island

This place is also known on Google Maps as Serangoon Island and it needs no introduction. Home to secluded beaches, forest trails and monkey families, Coney Island is the perfect tranquil route.

Day out to Coney / Image Credit: Samantha Tay
The forests of Coney / Image Credit: Samantha Tay

There are 2 bridges (East and West bridges) that will bring you over to Coney Island, and the entrances are unmistakeable.

Personally, I would recommend taking the East Bridge, because that will take you over scenic seagrass wetlands. Simply dismount at the red bridge and push your bike over.

The Lorong Halus Wetlands / Image Credit: Samantha Tay

To get to Coney Island, you can either cycle from Punggol Park, Waterway Point or LRT stop Riviera.

4. Lower Seletar Reservoir to Woodlands Waterfront 

During the day time, this route will take you into warm sunlight, mangroves and swamps.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park / Image Credit: Singapore Through My Eyes

Start at Seletar Reservoir and head West, this will take you to Mandai Park Connector, alongside the Zoological Gardens. Head on to Admiralty Park and there you’ll be able to enjoy the coastline of Johor Bahru.

And if you venture a little further and you’ll reach Woodlands Waterfront Park – where you can catch the sunset in all its burning glory.

Woodlands Waterfront / Image Credit: @guoshengz Instagram

5. The Southern Ridges

If you don’t know how to cycle, it is worth it to learn just for this route.

Hort Park / Image Credit: Divij Sood / Medium

This route connects Mount Faber Park to HortPark and Labrador Nature Reservoir, and is a paradise for everyone from nature lovers to shutterbugs and families.

The iconic Henderson Waves is also along this route, connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Park.

Henderson Waves / Image Credit: Growing Tropical Fruit

This route does involve a bit of uphill cycling though, so do switch your gears to low before you take it on.

Henderson Waves at night / Image Credit: Mothership

6. Sports Hub to the rest of Singapore

It is not every time that you get to cycle on empty roads and the expressway (yes, you read that right – the expressway), and the feeling can be exhilarating. While there will be no cars to race with (thankfully), the feeling of riding on tarmac gives you a completely different rush from when you’re cycling on park connectors.

This special route lets you zoom along expressways starting from the Singapore Sports Hub all the way to Marina Bay. Heading West, take a looping zip around Harbourfront and pedal East towards East Coast Lagoon for a scenic exploration of the city.

Image Credit: OCBC Cycle

Not forgetting the little oneswho will be treated to a more fun route that loops around Stadium Drive at Singapore Sports Hub. This one even comes with their own flurry of bubbles!

The Mighty-Savers Kids Ride / Image Credit: PICH Event Management

Aside from the closed roads, there is also another perk for this route – you do not need to lug your own bikes all the way to the Sports Hub. You can choose to rent a bicycle just for the day.

So, will I see you there?

This article was written in collaboration with OCBC Cycle. 

Featured Image Credit: Shimano Cycling World

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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