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Are you open to the concept of #travellingdifferently?

In February 2013, a Filipino startup began revolutionising the concept of organising random road trips; and both the agenda and destination are kept a secret.

This encourages people from different backgrounds to step outside of their comfort zones as they pursue traveling to the country’s most underrated yet breathtaking destinations.

How It All Began

Founder and CEO Giancarlo Gallegos first came up with the idea when he was studying abroad.

The adventurous soul decided to translate his love for travelling into something new and unique – one that pushes boundaries and limits.

“I started conceptualising a trip where … what if you don’t know where you’re gonna go, who you’re gonna be with, what you’re gonna be doing, and everything is just random?” he said.

Together with co-founder Jeffrey Lui, they launched Experience Philippines, which aims to revolutionise the way people travel in the Philippines.

Over the span of four years, the startup has organised over 100 random road trips, which quickly grew into a community of over 600 people.

Image Credit: Experience Philippines

Gallegos and Liu perfected the idea of a “totally random” road trip, challenging the status quo of what travelling should be. 

From provinces in Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, travelers will have the time of their lives exploring underrated destinations across the country.

When deciding on a location, the duo threw darts on the Philippines map. The destination will be wherever the dart lands on. 

Thereafter, the duo will conduct a thorough research of the destination to ensure that it is safe, along with the help of the local community.

According to them, it is a tedious process which involves a lot of coordination.

These roadtrips are planned based on the person’s background, travel style and preferences.

If you’re a spontaneous adventurer who’s always on the go and doesn’t mind waking up to a random destination the next morning, then Random Roadtrips might be a perfect fit for you.

Image Credit: Experience Philippines

If you’re single, you can take on the Singles Roadtrip; and if you belong to the LGBT community, then Random OUTings might just be your happy place.

Travelling In A Different Light

With the rise of the technological age and tech-savvy millennials, traveling is put in a new perspective.

A recent survey conducted by Rappler revealed that a typical Filipino millennial would associate their careers to pursuing their passions.

For them, the idea of achieving financial independence and working without a boss is much more appealing.

In this age group, more prefer the idea of digital workspaces, which allows them to travel and work at the same time instead of being boxed in an office cubicle. 

Image Credit: Experience Philippines

Recently, the company featured the first ever Travel Hostel Bus in the country.

It is an alternative lodging and transport for travelers, and features a multi-purpose roof deck, 14 full-sized beds, a toilet, kitchen, and pantry. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to the digital world.

“I want to create a legacy where you don’t just travel, but also create a deep connection with other people. I want people to just be themselves, and make a difference in the local community at the same time,” said Gallegos.

Featured Image Credit: Experience Philippines

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