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Some of us enjoy the spontaneity of travelling. Some like to wait until the best moment possible to lock down those flight deals and make a bang out of their buck for their upcoming vacation plans.

Whichever you are, here’s a limited time promotion for flight fares you wouldn’t want to miss.

Maxis and AirAsia have partnered up to reward the former’s loyal subscribers.

From 3rd November to 5th November 2017, Maxis and Hotlink subscribers get to enjoy an extra 20% off ALL AirAsia flights on all routes.

The number of seats offered are limited though so don’t take too long to decide!

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Since the travel period is from 3rd January 2018 to 26th April 2018, we’ve done the legwork for you (you’re welcome) and put together a list of some pretty amazing places to visit during this upcoming Spring season—and of course AirAsia flies there too.

1) Osaka, Japan

Why book now: When it comes to springtime and Japan, there are only two magical words: Cherry Blossoms.

Move aside Tokyo, Bloomberg’s declared that Osaka is the tourist hot spot to visit.

It’s of course a little cliche to start off a list on the best places to visit with Japan, but can you blame us?

Image credit: AirAsia

Whether or not you’re a hardcore Japanophile, it’s hard to resist the lure of the flowers and the undeniably picturesque scenery.

If that’s not your cup of tea, Japan is also home to all sorts of slurpingly delicious food. Besides the ramen, soba, and sushi that you probably know about, there are also seasonal delicacies to enjoy.

Image credit: Koufuku.com

For those who are in Japan around springtime, there will be a slew of cherry blossom-themed food, ranging from traditional sakura mochi, to having giant conglomerates joining in on the season.

Osaka’s a quick train ride away from Kyoto, so this is also a great opportunity to drop by the historic city and enjoy what it has to offer.

2) Auckland, New Zealand

Why book now: November to March is the peak time to visit Auckland because it’s warmer with less rain showers.

Ah, New Zealand. The perfect place if you’re up for rolling hills, gorgeous scenery, and for LOTR fans, a chance to visit the set of your favourite movies.

Image credit: AirAsia

Hobbiton is only about a two-hour drive away from Auckland, and with many scenic spots along the way. Many of the locals recommend Hamilton Gardens as a great stop, or you could even drop by a farm for that true “country” experience.

People who come here never restrict themselves to just the city area, and with good reason. There’s so much more that Auckland offers, like going to Haruki Gulf and exploring its many islands. Waiheke Island is home to emerald waters and world-class wineries.

The attractions go beyond the beautiful waters though. Rainforests, thermal springs, sprawling parks, and volcanic cones are just the start.

3) Delhi, India

Why book now: India’s notorious for its scorching dry heat, but their winter season runs from October to March, meaning that this is the best to enjoy Delhi without melting.

They say that travelling to Delhi can take you to two time periods.

Old Delhi is where you’ll find labourers hauling sacks of spices and jewellers weighing gold on dusty scales. Then you step off the metro and reach modern New Delhi, with its colonial-era parliament buildings and penchant for high tea.

Then there’s the futuristic Gurgaon which is basically a satellite city of skyscraping offices and glitzy malls.

Everyone knows the Taj Mahal but another majestic place to visit in Delhi is the Akshardham. It is a Hindu temple that is famously known for the displays of traditional Hindu and Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture.

It features the grand Sahaj Anand Water Show, which is a breathtaking 24 minute presentation with multi-colour lasers, video projections, underwater flames, water jets, and surround sound in symphony with lights.

Image credit: akshardham.com

Believe it or not, this city has a bigger population than all of Australia.

Delhi is full of vestiges of lost empires in almost every neighbourhood, thanks to the city being repeatedly ravaged and reborn. There’s so much to experience here, it’s like a country in itself.

4) Luang Prabang, Laos

Why book now: Other than Songkran, head over here for their Pi Mai, their New Year water festival. It runs in April complete with huge water fights and an annual beauty pageant.

This part of Laos is best for those looking to revitalise their energy and head on a spiritual vacation.

Luang Prabang perfectly combines world-class comfort and spiritual nourishment. Some key sights you can find here are the Mekong River and the Nam Khan (Khan River).

Image credit: AirAsia

Wat Xieng Thong is claimed to be Luang Prabang’s best-known monastery and is centred on a 1560 ordination hall. Its distinctive design of low roofs and stunning mosaics gives it a unique appeal.

Image credit: AirAsia

Kuang Si (Xi) Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the Luang Prabang area. It’s split into three tiers that lead up to a 50-metre drop into spectacular azure pools before flowing downstream. The pools are also really popular with both locals and tourists for being great swimming holes.

5) Sydney, Australia

Why book now: March to May is a good time to make your way there, as these months are right between Sydney’s high and low seasons. Visitors can enjoy comfortable temperatures and manageable tourist crowd.

If you’re looking for some of the best that Australia has to offer, look no further than Sydney.

Image credit: AirAsia

We talk about food a lot in this article, and that’s no surprise because many of us would travel just to eat.

Go Asian, Western, or a fun fusion of in-between in Sydney, where arguably, the best of the East meets the best of the West in a delicious melting pot.

If you’re a fan of Masterchef Australia, this is also your chance to try cuisine prepared by those chefs you’ve only seen on TV, in places like Matt Moran’s Aria or Season 7’s Reynold Poernomo’s Koi Dessert Bar.

Besides the veritable hodgepodge of cuisines, multiple Michelin Star restaurants, and waterside views, you should take the time to leave the city behind to visit the Blue Mountains.

Suitable for a day trip (or maybe two!), they’re a World Heritage Area and known for their spectacular views.

Image credit: AirAsia

6) Nha Trang, Vietnam

Why book now: The weather is best here between January to August. Come any later in the year than that and you’ll be subject to typhoon rains.

Nha Trang is a resort city in Vietnam, and its sandy beaches coupled with azure seas are a great way to pass off to your friends that you’re somewhere in Florida, perhaps.

Image credit: AirAsia

The vibe you’ll be getting here is “high-rise, high-energy” with a stunning beach setting surrounded by a string of hills and a turquoise bay that’s full of amazing tropical islands.

Image credit: AirAsia

One of the most popular beaches that can be found is Nha Trang’s 6km-long golden-sand beach. The clear water makes it perfect for swimming or other water activities, and the promenade is exciting for you to take a stroll on.

Two popular lounging spots are the Sailing Club and Louisiane Brewhouse.

7) Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Why book now: The best part about travelling here during that time period is that January is the coolest month and April is the hottest. So you get to choose which climate you want to enjoy. Make sure you keep that in mind when purchasing your flights!

Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s best spot for white-sand beaches and cool southern islands.

Image credit: AirAsia

Each one of Sihanoukville’s beaches has its own charm and offerings.

Some are easier on the eye, but less comfortable to relax on.

Some are more crowded, but perfect for a party.

Some are quiet and family friendly, so choose what tickles your fancy.

There are more beaches than you’ll know what to do with. Backpackers particularly like the Serendipity Beach area, who flock here to rest up between travels and party through the night.

Image credit: AirAsia

For some history buffs, there’s Bokor hill station which houses a lot of creepy derelict buildings that had their heyday during the 1920s and 1930s. On cold, foggy days it can get pretty spooky as mists drop visibility to almost nothing, so we only recommend this for the brave of heart.

Hence why they chose to film the ending scene of Matt Dillon’s crime thriller City of Ghosts movie here.

In the rare absence of fog, Wat Sampov Pram (Five Boats Wat) offers tremendous views over the jungle to the coastline below, including Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island. Do be careful there as wild monkeys are said to enjoy hanging out around the wat.

8) Tehran, Iran

Why book now: On March 21st, join in the festive celebration of Nowruz, their equivalent of New Year. At this time of the year, even the plains of Sahara will celebrate, blooming with fresh vegetation and desert flowers.

Hugging the lower slopes of the magnificent, snowcapped Alborz Mountains, Tehran is known to be Iran’s most secular and liberal city.

You can spend some time here and really immerse yourself in what’s said to be “the nation’s dynamic beating heart” and the place to get a handle on modern Iran and what its future will likely be.

Image credit: AirAsia

Going around this metropolis area will show you more than 250 years of Iranian history – from the glittering Golestan Palace and the adjacent Grand Bazaar to the beautiful Azadi Tower and the notorious former US embassy.

The city’s also bustling with interesting museums and serene gardens where you can relax and enjoy all that’s good about Tehran.


Of course, this list is meant as pure guidance. If you have a place set in mind that you’ve been meaning to check off your “to-see” list, now’s the time to keep this weekend free so you can make those flight bookings.

So why pay full price when this weekend is going to give you the opportunity to get the tickets at 20% off? Remember, Maxis users can get the promo code on the MyMaxisApp and Hotlink’s users can get it here.

This article was written in collaboration with Maxis.

Feature Image Credit: Justin Hee on Flickr.com

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