This Filipino Actress’ Love For Wellness Inspired Her To Open Her Own Spa Center

After a long list of taping schedules, Liza Soberano enjoys giving herself the relaxation her body needs.

This love for wellness and self-pampering became stronger as the years passed—and so she opened her own wellness center, HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness.

“Back when I would still audition for commercials and TV shows, I would always feel down whenever I would get declined for the part. I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“So one way I relaxed and uplifted my spirit was by going to nail spas, which made me realize that no matter how different our individual lifestyles may be, we all turn to our daily routines; we turn to our rituals [that] give us hope,” she said to Preview.

Liza, who is called Hope by her family members, is one of the most known young actresses of today’s showbiz in the Philippines.

She is also one the many showbiz personalities who scaled their acting careers into the world of business.

Hope’s Wellness Center

Image Credit: Hope Hand and Foot Wellness

The spa center which is named after Liza specifically focuses on the hands and feet which, according to her, are amongst the most used parts of the body.

“On the surface my name is Hope, but other than that, we chose to name it that way because hope uplifts the spirit and body. I also think it’s a very personal word that everybody looks forward to day by day.”

She said the inspiration for HOPE Hand and Foot Wellness came from her Aunt who also helps in her venture into the business industry.

“For now, I am focused on my career, of course, but as much as possible I do wanna be part of this business. I have of course my family, my tita, to back up the things going on in my life and they are here to help me make the right decisions,” she said to Push.

Image Credit: Hope Hand and Foot Wellness

The spa consists of deals that not only provide services but also gives relaxation and rest to the body and mind.

“Our goal was always to impress our customers by showing them how much we paid attention to details—from the ambiance of the venue, to our highly trained Hope girls.”

“I can attest that each and every package is 100 percent effective and 100 percent natural. Even with our nail polish, we looked for the best brands that would be less harmful, that even pregnant women can use.”

Liza’s Business—A Start Of Her Advocacy

Image Credit: Hope Hand and Foot Wellness

Liza also stated that the launch of her business signified the start of her advocacy for wellness.

“Wellness goes beyond what meets the eye. I personally wanted to go beyond beauty and delve into the core of what makes us the best version of ourselves.”

Hope focuses on wellness as a mindset, lifestyle and a ritual. Initially targeting the hands and feet because like I said they’re amongst the most abused parts of our body, but down our pipeline, we plan on adding other treatments and products that can help people feel better about themselves.”

Her wellness journey began almost a year ago when she started using essential oils as part of her daily routine. This habit of hers is what she wants other people to practice and experience, in order for them to realize its importance.

“Wellness is not just something you do now. It’s forever. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want and when you start practicing wellness rituals you can bring that with you forever and it could possibly make you feel younger even as you aged.”

“And where I see my center going is I want it to be bigger. I want it to be a platform for most Filipinos who aren’t educated enough about wellness rituals that it’s about time they start acknowledging wellness as part of their daily routine,” she said.

Featured Image Credit: Hope Hand and Foot Wellness

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