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There was a huge hoo-ha yesterday about mysterious cash-dispensing vending machines that exchanged $3 for $50 at various locations islandwide.

Image Credit: @gengenygen on Instagram

Sadly, this is no permanent feature that can help you get rich quickly.

Instead, it is another one of Circles.Life’s viral publicity stunts.

Well, no surprise here. Last year, the online telco also made headlines for engaging influencers Youtiao666 for its ‘vandalising’ campaign.

Called #3dollarballer, this particular campaign made its first appearance on February 2017 at Orchard; and its second appearance was made yesterday at Chevron House.

Image Credit: @threefive on Instagram

This garnered a huge traction online, with netizens sharing their excitement on various social media platforms.

The excitement was unfortunately short-lived as hundreds of Singaporeans who turned up quickly congested the area, prompting the police to step in and cut the campaign short.

So, What Was It Really About? 

Image Credit: Circles.Life

This publicity stunt was in line with Circles.Life latest promotional plan that offers unlimited data at 4G+ speeds on demand for just $3.

According to Circles.Life, the existing unlimited plans in the market are very “limiting”.

These plans are typically restricted to weekend usage, tied to annual contracts, throttled after hitting a small data cap, and generally expensive.

So with this new plan, customers will no longer have to deal with these pain points and have the power to simply activate it anytime on their CirclesCare mobile dashboard.

But like all unlimited data plans in the market, there is a fair use policy in place – speeds will be managed after 100GB of usage per month.

Circles.Life customers are also eligible to use Unlimited Data on Demand without subscribing to the 20GB for $20 data upgrade.

Other Add-Ons From As Low As $1 

In addition, Circles.Life is also launching an add-on called WhatsApp Passport that allows unlimited roaming for WhatsApp.

Starting from just $1 per day, customers will get unlimited data usage for WhatsApp messaging while roaming with partner networks in over 18 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, United States, India and the United Kingdom.

All Circles.Life basic plans currently comes with 100 free minutes of talk-time, but subscribers now have a new option of receiving unlimited local outgoing calls for an additional $16 per month.

“At Circles.Life, we spend a lot of time listening to and thinking about what customers really want and offer it to them.”

“This is the secret to our innovative product launches like Unlimited Data on Demand and WhatsApp Passport, and to the strong traction that we have achieved so far,” said Mr Rameez Ansar, co-founder and director at Circles.Life.

This also explains why they have rose up the ranks to be the fastest growing mobile operator in Singapore. In fact, they are already on track to meet its 3 to 5% market share goal, which is 2 years ahead of schedule.

With such strong growth, Circles.Life is set to launch in Indonesia – their first market outside of Singapore – by the second half of this year.

Featured Image Credit: Marketing Interactive 

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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