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The Grab App Is Down (Again)

Since annoucing its acquistion of Uber’s Southeast Asia operations, ride-hailing giant Giant can’t seem to get a break.

From reports of ex-Uber employees and drivers being left in limbo, to up-and-coming competitors rising up with an ambition of grabbing (pun intended) market share, their app is reportedly down…again.

This is the second time in this week that the app has failed to work for Singapore consumers and drivers, with the earlier one happening on 3 Apr (Tuesday).

The service disruption happened from about 8pm to 11.30pm, meaning at that it had latest for around 3.5 hours.

Grab has posted an update on their Facebook page, stating that they are “working hard to fix the issue and will be back to serve you as soon as we can”.

Perhaps this is the opportune moment for competitors to step in and prove that they’ll be reliable alternatives once Grab completely takes over Uber’s operations.

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