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  • Hooty Mobile Learning is social learning platform that connects content creators and people who enjoy learning to grow personally, professionally, and financially.
  • The platform releases 2 new lessons and 1 article every week.
  • The lessons are easy to digest, engaging, and it’s free.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now become quite easy for you to pick up a new skill.

Most of us can just unlock our phones, spend a while browsing articles or videos teaching us a skill and by the end of the day, we could be sifus at it.

And most of them don’t cost a dime.

But not everyone has the time to sit down and watch hours upon hours of videos or read articles to understand a topic, most of us have lives.

That’s why you see a lot of content creators now packing information into bite-sized pieces so people can learn even when they’re waiting at the mamak for their friends (Malaysian timing, am I right?).

That’s what MasteryAsia is looking to have with their newly launched platform called Hooty Mobile Learning.

Growing Your Knowledge And Skills

MasteryAsia, a global mentoring organisation, just launched a social learning platform to help regular people like us expand our knowledge. All you need to do is sign up for an account and you will get instant access to all their lessons and articles for free.

When you log onto their website, you’ll be greeted by their cute owl mascot that’s not just for show. Owls are commonly related to wisdom and being intuitive—two characteristics that MasteryAsia wants their website to carry.

The videos will feature a few experts, investors, and entrepreneurs where they’ll be sharing some of their best insights and strategies they’ve picked up from their respective industry.

Each week, there will be 2 new videos uploaded where you’ll be able to learn some tips and information given in a shorter and more compact video so that it’s easier to digest and apply what you’ve learned as quickly as possible.

Here’re some of the videos that you’ll be able to access when you join the community:

  • Business Series: 3 Common Mistakes for Business Startup
  • Money Mindset Series: How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Rich
  • Wealth Creation Series: No Time, No Money, No Multiple Sources of Income
  • Personal Excellence: Advanced 80:20 rule
  • How to Look more Approachable
  • 3 Things I do Before Going On Stage
  • The Proper way to deal with Agent, Banker and Lawyer
  • How do People Normally Select Their First House
  • Influence vs Manipulation: How to Succeed in Your Sales Over & Over Again
  • Secret to Overcome fear in Selling

Besides the videos, you can also access the expert’s insights, ideas and tips in articles format. This gives you more flexibility in terms of learning because the more diverse your learning path, the more the user can learn.

And you don’t have to worry much about being a complete noob at some of these topics. The team claims their content has been curated in a way that people from all knowledge levels can learn a thing or two from.

Some of the categories that you can expect to learn about are self-development, health and nutrition, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more. They wanted to be sure that you’re not boxed into just one theme.

The team also plans to look into adding topics that they believe their audience would want to learn more about.

“We think it’s always important to listen to what our audiences’ challenges and goals are in order for us to provide great content for them. We want to help answer some of the burning questions they may have in these categories,” said Wei from MasteryAsia.

Building A Learning Ecosystem

One thing MasteryAsia believes in is that learning isn’t just a luxury, it’s more of a necessity for survival.

One way to grow as a person depends on how fast we can learn, so it helps to have platforms like this that can be accessed on the go.

That’s why Hooty Mobile Learning started in the first place. Their goal is to simplify the learning process by cutting it into 3 to 15 minute short sessions.

“You can pick the topics that you want to master and go straight in with our experts ready to help, taking your personal and financial growth to the next level,” said Wei.

The team’s end goal is to create a whole learning community. Instead of seeing themselves as a content platform like YouTube—which hosts a wide range of video topics that don’t focus solely on learning—they see themselves more as a social learning platform that targets users who are passionate in learning, growing and contributing to help each other.

“Hooty has a mission to connect learners and experts together, to build a healthy, fun and engaging learning environment.”

You don’t need to have a professional certification to add value to others or pay thousands of dollars to access powerful knowledge and ideas. As long as you love to learn, grow and contribute, Hooty is the place to go to.” said Wei.

  • You can join the Hooty community here and start taking your personal and financial life to the next level.

This article was written in collaboration with MasteryAsia.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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