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  • Doctor2U partners with Takaful Malaysia and Microsoft Malaysia to launch a programme that delivers medication without added cost to Takaful Malaysia’s Employee Benefits customers.
  • Takaful Malaysia customers can check their policy limits and also get real-time updates of their transactions on the Doctor2U App.
  • This is part of their goal to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and processes in healthcare delivery using technology.

Malaysian health startup Doctor2U has now added another corporate tie-up under their belt with the announcement of their latest collaboration yesterday.

The team has partnered with Takaful Malaysia and Microsoft Malaysia to launch a Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery programme which falls in line with Takaful’s digital strategy in spearheading new innovations in insurance.

Present at the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) event was Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil (Group CEO of Takaful Malaysia), Dato’ Beh Chun Chuan (Chairman of BP Healthcare Group), Garvy Beh (CEO of Doctor2U), Dato’ Razak Yusoff (Chairman of Ali Health), and K Raman (Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia).

Medicine2U In A Few Simple Steps

Takaful Malaysia’s Employee Benefits customers can now enjoy the benefits of the Doctor2U healthcare mobile app. A major perk? They can now get their medications in just a few taps.

During the press conference, Garvy explained that customers in the Klang Valley region can expect to get their medications delivered in 3 hours while those outside of the region will receive it in 3 business days.

The customers will pay no added charges; both the long-term medication and the delivery charges will be borne by Takaful Malaysia, as long as the medications are covered and within the policy limit.

The arrangement hopes to make the communication experience between the customers and the third parties a more convenient and secure process while improving the efficiency of medical insurance claims and audit work.

“This is part of our business strategy to not only meet the ever-rising consumer expectations but most importantly to stay relevant in the competitive Employee Benefits market,” said Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan.

Those of you who are a part of Takaful Malaysia’s Employee Benefits customer base can already enjoy the services of the Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery programme.

The Redemption Process

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Doctor2U app which are both available for iOS and Android.

After registering for an account, you can link your member ID and certificate number to the Doctor2U platform after clicking on the “Corporate” button and adding your profile there.

You can then press on the Takaful Malaysia banner to start using the medication delivery feature. The app will detect your location and all you’ll have to do from there is choose which method you’d prefer:

  • Pick up: You can pick up your medication at any of the BP Healthcare outlets.
  • Delivery: You can have the medication delivered to you within 3 working days (Do note that an RM10 delivery charge would apply for each total bill that is under RM100)
  • Fast Track: Klang Valley users can get their medication delivered within three hours with a delivery charge of RM30.

Those on chronic medicines can benefit greatly from this system. All you need to do is snap a picture of the legally valid prescription via the Doctor2U app, wait for the pharmacist’s approval and then wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

The app will let you know if you’re eligible to go through the payment process with no charges. Just remember that the policy only covers within an RM300 limit so if it exceeds that, you’ll have to pay for the rest.

You can also check the policy limits as well as keep track of the real-time status of each of your transactions.

Whether it be pending approval, payment, dispensary or delivery, you’ll be able to see its real-time location.

You also get access to Doctor2U’s other services.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a medication, you can consult with one of Doctor2U’s panel doctors or pharmacists through their Free Live Chat or Video Consultation feature, which works just like Facetime.

Also, if you or your loved ones are in urgent need of medical attention, you may opt to request for a Doctor Home visit or Ambulance that can reach you within 30 minutes nationwide.

Modernising Healthcare One Click At A Time

Now with over 500,000 users registered on their app, Doctor2U expects to extend their services to more users. By leveraging on the rapid growth of technology, the team’s looking to keep on eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and processes in healthcare delivery.

This partnership with Takaful Malaysia and Microsoft Malaysia is part of their goal in revolutionising the process of medication delivery.

As most of it is automated, the cost of the medication is reduced and the time taken is lessened.

“We also help to reduce administrative burden which results in a decrease in operational cost by using a single portal. We have a team of qualified healthcare professionals and our own licensed logistic network nationwide to ensure wide coverage,” said Garvy.

Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil sees this collaboration as an added sure benefit to the protection plan that Takaful Malaysia already provides and sees more potential in working with Doctor2U as part of their plan to meet the ever-rising consumer expectations.

“We are very excited to be embarking on this new journey and we believe that our combined synergies in providing the digitally-assisted medication delivery service to our Employee Benefits customers strategically serve as a convenient platform for them to fulfill their healthcare needs, hassle-free.”
– Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil

This article was written in collaboration with Doctor2U.

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