Circles.Life To Reward Users With More Data By Simply Taking The Bus And MRT Every Day


You probably have heard of Circles.Life by now – disruptors of the telco industry in Singapore and and connoisseurs of viral marketing campaigns.

Their competitively priced mobile data plans has definitely forced some changes to the three traditional telcos in Singapore.

More than just providing telecommunications services to consumers though, they are also entering into partnerships with other service providers to reward their customers by simply integrating into their existing lifestyles.

Circles.Life and EZ-Link Rewards You With More Data Through Your Daily Commute

Image Credit: EZ-Link

Today, Circles.Life announced a new partnership with EZ-Link aimed at rewarding subscribers with even more data through something that all of us use daily – public transportation.

What current Circles.Life subscribes need to do is first link their accounts to the EZ-Link app (available on Android and iOS) that contains a registered EZ-Link card.

Doing that will net you an additional 1GB a month.

Thereafter, 100MB of data is rewarded to the user for every 10 rides on public transportation that is completed using their EZ-Link card.

This new collaboration with EZ-Link is Circles.Life’s entry into the transit vertical after similar partnerships previously with bike sharing company oBike, and local bank DBS with their PayLah! app.

The only bad news for now is that this program will only go live at the end of May, but in the mean time, you can prepare for it by first downloading the app and creating an account.

On the flip side, there’s more good news on the horizon as Circles.Life is actively looking to forge more partnerships in other market sectors.

“In the long run, we aim to open our platform to more verticals and be fully part of the government’s smart nation plan,” said Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder of Circles.Life

For more information on the world’s first Transit-Telco Rewards product bookmark this Circles.Life page and check back at the end of the month;

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