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If you frequently visit One Utama, you’ll find that there will be something a little refreshing and different within the shopping mall.

Strongbow Apple Ciders is looking to reconnect urbanites with nature in their own unique approach, with the help of three Malaysian nature whisperers.

Set in one of the busiest shopping centers in the city, this campaign offers visitors an ‘escape’ with nature. Through this collaboration, they’re bringing in an interesting interactive experience that goes deep into human relationships and connecting with nature, simplifying this concept with their tagline of “Refreshing by Nature”.

“The energy the city gives, the city takes too. We need to connect with nature to refresh our minds and keep our connections real. But we believe that urbanites do not need to leave the city to be refreshed by nature,” said Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Bringing Nature To The City

The three exhibitions that you can expect to see is:

  • The Wonderland by Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang

A little bit of background on Dato’ Dr. Ken Yeang, an architect and ecologist that’s built a reputation for himself globally. He is widely revered as a pioneer and advocate of green architecture and is known for delivering distinctive and innovative ecological designs.

For this installation, he created an experience of picnicking at the park, with apple trees abound. It’s described to be akin to a wonderland whereby visitors can expect to be enveloped in a scenario that intertwines dreams and reality together, almost like a place where people can discover self-cognition.

  • Concrete Jungle by Biji-Biji Initiative

Biji-Biji Initiative have definitely made an impact as a social enterprise focusing on saving the environment by providing a range of up-cycling and art installation projects.

They specialise in green technology, sustainability consultancy, design & fabrication, ethical fashion and skills education.

The project that Biji-Biji Initiative worked on brings a whole new meaning to a concrete jungle.

When you come across it, it appears as a jungle that consists of interactive trees made of reflective material with the purpose of highlighting the surroundings – a space that is surrounded by raw concrete finish – and to evoke a jungle that is cold and sterile in quality.

But when visitors interact with the exhibition, it will trigger lights in the space and the concrete jungle inverts itself into becoming a playful and welcoming jungle that is reflective of the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

  • Fresh Produce by Ohsum Mossum

Ohsum Mossum is a rather well-known name when talking about terrarium makers. The unique thing about their designs lies in their emphasis on simplicity, naturalism, humility and reverence.

The interpretation that this team went with was by taking the image of a shopping mall and reimagined it in a setting where nature took over.

So you can imagine concrete, old aisles with layers of products and humans going about their routine being covered with the lush greenery of nature. It’s an interesting take as it plays on the familiarity of a regular space but also placing a feeling of displacement as it is wholly covered in greenery.

(Side note: The plants used in this space are up for adoption after the showcase at 1Utama, you can speak to the Strongbow brand ambassadors for more info!)

Experience A Refreshing Take On Nature Yourself

If you’re intrigued with the concept and looking to pay a visit yourself, the “Refreshing By Nature” experience is happening at the Ground Floor Concourse of 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing) from 25th July to 29th July 2018.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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