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While we were gushing over the attractive cast and the plot of Crazy Rich Asians, another part of us was busy envying the glamorous lifestyle portrayed.

Peik Lin’s wardrobe that was full of luxury designer brands was ultimate #goals and who else felt really jealous of the fun shopping spree during the Bachelorette scene?

We also have our very own Crazy Rich Asians, and if you’ve ever coveted something toted by an heiress like Chryseis Tan, there’s now an affordable option for you to get it

Portluxe is an online platform created for buying and selling authentic pre-owned fashion luxury branded items. The items you can find range from exclusive shoes to handbags, from classics to seasonals.

As we scoured through their website, we found these 6 items that we feel belong in the movie, whether worn by the down-to-earth Rachel Chu or the elegant Astrid Leong.

1) The Malachite Togo Birkin Bag By Hermes


Original retail price: –
Price on Portluxe: RM55,000.00/ Approx. USD$13,2000.00

The Birkin bag is so exclusive that most “regular” women can’t even get on a waiting list to buy it.

You actually have to look “deserving” to even be considered “worthy” of the bag because not too many are produced each year.

So few Birkins are made because very few artisans at the company are allowed to work on them. They even have to be trained for three to four years before they can even touch the hide!

Even Michelle Yeoh’s Eleanor Young wouldn’t say no to such an accessory.

In the novel, she had “brand-name fatigue” since the seventies which drove her away from “mainstream” luxury brands. But at one point, she was seen with a Birkin bag that was gifted to her, specially customised with her monogram on it.

Too bad the Birkin wasn’t highlighted in the movie, but maybe it could show up in the sequel? / Image Credit: thenational.ae

Even the toughest-to-please character owns this elegant bag, so it’s safe to say that the Birkin would be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

You can check out more details and photos of the bag here.

2) The Medium Patent Leather Cannage Lady Dior Handbag By Dior (Blue)

Original retail price: RM14,650.00/Approx. USD$3,400.00
Price on Portluxe: RM7,000.00/Approx. USD$1,700.00

The Lady Dior bag has been called a timeless and unique work of art by many fashion enthusiasts, and with good reason.

Following Dior’s couture trademark, the bag is meticulously crafted by hand and is enhanced by a quilted Cannage pattern embroidery all over the item. It also has a dangling golden tone Dior letter charm that adds some bling to an already glamorous bag.

True to its name, this bag is a fitting companion for elegant queens like Astrid, who automatically makes heads turn when she enters a room.

You can check out more details and photos of the bag here.

3) The Large Calfskin Peekaboo Handbag By Fendi (Green)

Original retail price: RM20,823.00/Approx. USD$4,800.00
Price on Portluxe: RM10,000.00/Approx. USD2,400.00

If you’re a fan of combining elegance and casual, this is the bag for you. A string of Hollywood celebrities have been snapped by paparazzi walking around with this.

The beautiful Selleria leather material and intricate stitching gives off a sophisticated vibe with a playful edge that can dress up a variety of “everyday” outfits you have in your closet.

The “peekaboo” part of the bag comes from leaving the bag unclasped. Peek into the interior that consists of either offsetting colors, patterns, and the once incredibly hard-to-get monster eyes.

So can you guess who from the movie would be a fan of this item?

Peik Lin was a well-loved character in the movie, not just for her blunt personality but also her quirky fashion. So it wouldn’t be too much of a shocker to see her having a bag like this in her fancy car for “emergencies”.

You can check out more details and photos of the bag here.

4) The Turquoise Christian Louboutin Open Toe Heels

Original retail price: RM3,405.00/Approx. USD$800
Price on Portluxe: RM2,500.00/Approx. USD$600

In the fashion industry, trends can be as fleeting as the wind.

But Christian Louboutin’s red bottoms are so iconic that no other brand has found such a distinctive way to mark its shoes.

Those iconic red soles are often raved about, but what adds to the glam of this design is the gorgeous glitter sparkles.

The beautiful turquoise colour can easily complement a lot of cocktail dresses, with gold specchio leather platforms at the toe and a feminine heel that adds a touch of elegance.

Even more heads would have turned to Rachel at the wedding if she had paired her gorgeous Marchesa gown with these heels. Talk about a real-life Cinderella!

You can check out more details and photos of the heels here.

5) The Patent Alma GM Bag By Louis Vuitton (Red)

Original retail price: RM12,380.00/Approx. USD$2,900.00
Price on Portluxe: RM8,000.00/Approx. USD$1,900.00

Remember when Rachel’s mom was helping her shop for clothes to wear during her first time meeting Nick’s family?

This bag could’ve elevated her style as the Alma GM is a classic Louis Vuitton piece. The unique shape of this handbag was first inspired by Gaston Vuitton in the 30s and is fully covered with Monogram Vernis leather.

As Rachel said, red is also the colour of prosperity but maybe she shouldn’t match this with the dress she wore to Peik Lin’s house.

You can check out more details and photos of the bag here.

6) The Multi Spring Fling Fine Crystal-Embellished Clutch By Judith Leiber

Original retail price: RM21,938.00/Approx. USD$5,300.00
Price on Portluxe: RM17,000.00/Approx. USD$4,000.00

The design of this bag speaks for itself—it’s clearly a statement piece. Completely covered in Swarovski crystals, Judith Leiber goes for a fun and flirty vibe with this clutch that’s petite enough to fit only the essentials you’ll need for a night out.

Would you believe that this signature crystal look came about after an accident? Back in 1967, Judith Leiber used rhinestones on a bag to cover up a stain.

They’re popular collectibles and will be instant talking points at any glam occasion if you show up carrying one!

Each of the bags take up to six days to complete. If you examine the bags closely, you’ll notice that only small stones are used, which creates a more elegant look.

Astrid wouldn’t hesitate to grab this bag for her own collection, especially to pair with the $1.2 million earrings she bought. With her being a trendsetter she is, everyone will covet and wish to own a bag just like hers.

You can check out more details and photos of the bag here.


These are just a few samples of what Portluxe has to offer, and if you continue to scroll, you’ll be amazed at what else they have on their site.

Thanks to platforms like this, a lot of us can bring our Crazy Rich Asians fantasy closer to reality by giving us the opportunity to dress ourselves with these luxurious items at a more affordable price.

When it comes to carefully curated original products, you can be assured knowing that Portluxe takes care of everything, from evaluation and authentication to payment and shipping.

As another stamp of authenticity, Portluxe is also trusted by celebrities like Chryseis Tan, Marion Caunter and Nadia Nasimuddin to sell off their pre-owned items. So when you make purchases off the site, you won’t need to worry about the items not being genuine.

If you’ve been meaning to spoil yourself and get a full luxury experience, Portluxe is giving our readers a special 10% discount for purchases between RM500 to RM15,000. All you need to do is include the code CRAZY10 and the discount will be automatically applied.

So you can head on over to Portluxe here. Make sure you apply the discount!

This article was written in collaboration with Portluxe.

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