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ICYMI: It’s Time For Sick M’sians To Get High & It’s High Time We Fixed Our Sick LRT System

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Malaysian’s Might Soon Be Able To Cure Their Diseases With Medical Marijuana

A Malaysian named Lukman, a 29-year-old father of one, provided cannabis oil to patients who were suffering from ailments that were difficult to treat with legal medicines. Lukman did not profit from this, and would provide cannabis oil for free to patients who could not afford it.

However he has been sentenced to death for his efforts, but thanks to the public outrage over the death penalty handed to him, the government is currently “looking” to amend the relevant laws to overturn the death sentence. Even our Prime Minister has said the verdict should be reviewed.

If it actually becomes legalised, Malaysia will be the first country in SEA to allow medical marijuana. How’s that for progress?

Iylia Aziz
Great move, but can the authority control the distribution for this? A handful of citizens would easily abuse this system, which will f*ck things up for patients who use cannabis for actual health problems.
Justin Lee
I’m all up for making people healthier as there have been many studies backing up its benefits. However, the government must make sure that it isn’t misused as people will take advantage of it.
Dale John Wong
I’ve always said that weed has its place in society with all its proven benefits, and I’ve always liked how California and Vancouver have handled it. The problem now is antiquated mentality. Bets on who this’ll offend next?
Nicholas Ker
The issue here is more than just medicinal pot. It’s also to do with the archaic views that M’sian laws have had regarding drug-use, and capital punishment. IMO, what is even more important than legalising medical pot is decriminalising it.
Topics Of The Week

Image Credit: Instagram/ Michelle Yeoh

Billion Dollar Whale Will Have Its Own Movie Produced By The Producers Of Crazy Rich Asians & Michelle Yeoh

Our predictions have come true and the Billion Dollar Whale book will now become a movie. This movie will be produced by Crazy Rich Asians producer Ivanhoe Pictures. However it’s pretty ironic as it will also involve Malaysia’s very own Michelle Yeoh’s Mythical Films in producing the film.

Michelle Yeoh was a staunch supporter of ex-prime minister Najib Razak and the former stalwart’s going to make a movie about the scandal? Tables do turn.

Justin Lee
My prediction came right as I did say that it would become a movie, now we just wait for Jason Leong to be cast as Jho Low. Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how the movie is portrayed as Michelle Yeoh will be involved in producing it, IYKWIM.

Image Credit: Snapchat Inc.

Snapchat Teams Up With E-Commerce Giant Amazon To Show That They’re Still Alive

Snapchat—the “original” version of your Instagram Stories—has been testing a new visual search tool and is partnering with one one the largest e-commerce companies, Amazon (who has still not yet made their services available here).

The new feature will make it possible to take a picture of a product or barcode with the Snapchat camera, then press and hold on the camera screen to launch an Amazon product page to learn more and make a purchase. But who still uses Snapchat nowadays?

Iylia Aziz
Wait, how is Snapchat not officially dead yet? The dog filters are stronger than I thought. Gotta applaud them though, they’re not going down without a fight. And partnering with Amazon is probably what they severely need to avoid being put down for good.

Image Credit: Twitter/ RapidKL

RapidKL Challenges SMRT To See Who Gets More Train Breakdowns In A Day

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) service in the Klang Valley was hit by technical glitches again, however this time not once, but twice within 12 hours on Tuesday (Sept 25)!

The worst part is that it happened during peak hours, and some commuters faced delays with many waiting for up to an hour for only one train to arrive. Is our very own RapidKL looking to challenge our Singaporean neighbours SMRT to see who breakdowns more?

Venxhin Pang
Look, Malaysia is ALWAYS competing with Singapore. Looks like we’re trying to show them who can have the worst rush hour breakdowns (for 2018, they’re leading).

Image Credit: Facebook/ Lim Guan Eng

M’sians Rejoice (Especially Smokers & Prepaid Users) As More Items Are SST Exempted

Yet again another U-Turn from our government as our Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has disclosed that more items are exempted from the SST.

Mobile prepaid services provided to Malaysians, peanuts, imported completely knocked down components for locally-assembled vehicles, salted, dried and preserved fish, and seafood under the crustacean and mollusc HS (Harmonised System) code are included in this list. Additionally also cigarette sales, tissue paper and some other boring stuff.

Nicholas Ker
As most smokers will tell you, high prices have never been a deterrent. However, what exactly is the reasoning behind exempting some of these products from SST? Peanuts? Really? Sometimes I wonder whether the current government actually has a direction, or is being pulled along in the current.

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