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Last month, the Internet has gone berserk about Flappy Bird. We wrote much about the viral game as well. Earlier this week, another new game has just gone viral, and the Internet is going crazy about it.

The game is called 2048, a hyper addictive math game.

The premise is simple: pressing the directional keys will shift all the tiles on the board in a given direction, then add a new tile. Every time two tiles with the same numerical value collide, they merge into one, with a value equal to the two previous tiles combined.

The aim of the game? Reach 2048.

It’s nothing but basic math, the integral powers of two, going up indefinitely—2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on. As Dailydot puts it, the game is uniquely addictive because reaching each new power requires twice as much time as the one before. Making the jump from 128 to 256 will require you to work through the entire sequence again to get a second 128. Then, to hit 512, you’ll need another 256, and it’ll take the same amount of time again.

Similar to Flappy Bird, just when you think you have nailed it, the game grinds to a halt.

2048 1


2048 2


2048 3


2048 4


2048 5


2048 6



2048 8


2048 9

Unlike Flappy Bird which makes money through advertisement, reportedly up to $50,000 per day, the designer and creator of the game, Gabriele Cirulli, says he has “no plans to monetize 2048.” His only intention is that it is “free and playable by anyone who enjoys playing it.”Imposters are already creeping into the Google Play Store, but he stresses there is no plan for a mobile app, either for Android or iOS.

Still want to get your hands on the game? Here you go.

And if you are stuck, here are some useful tricks to win the game.

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