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Real Life Cheat Code: MyRepublic Will Pay Up To $240 If You Switch To Their GAMER Plan

If you have a case of broadband envy, MyRepublic’s soon-to-be launched GAMER Switch Up initiative might be something you would want to tap on.

Launching 26 June 2019, new MyRepublic GAMER subscribers will be able to claim up to $240 in rebates to offset early termination charges from their existing broadband providers.

MyRepublic GAMER broadband plans start from $59.99/month, and bundles also include perks like gaming console Sony Playstation 4 Pro and the SecretLab OMEGA gaming chair.

Screenshot from MyRepublic

According to MyRepublic, their download speeds for Steam games also surpass other providers:

Screenshot from MyRepublic

The reason for this is because all data traffic for MyRepublic GAMERs run on a “dedicated IP address range”, allowing engineers to prioritise GAMER data and set up the best custom routes to overseas game servers.

Staying true to their gamer-centric approach, MyRepublic GAMERs also enjoy special access to a priority 24/7 support hotline.

Want To Switch Over? Here’s What You Need To Do

If you’re sold by MyRepublic’s pitch, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for any MyRepublic GAMER broadband plan on the MyRepublic website or at any MyRepublic retail store.
  2. Terminate your broadband service with your current provider.
  3. When you receive the final broadband bill with the early termination charge, send it over to switchup.sg@myrepublic.net.
  4. Based on your early broadband termination charge, you will get up to $240 credited to your MyRepublic account on the 3rd month of your MyRepublic GAMER plan. The credits can then be used to offset your monthly bills.

Do note that this promotion is only valid for new subscribers, and the final broadband complete bill must be submitted within 60 days of your MyRepublic GAMER plan’s first invoice date.

  • Find out more about GAMER Switch Up here.

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