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About 1.4M S'poreans Will Receive GST Vouchers Of Up To $300 In August

About 1.7 million Singaporeans will stand to benefit from $1 billion worth of GST vouchers and Medisave top-ups.

Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced today that eligible Singaporeans will be notified of these benefits via SMS or letter by July 5.

Those belonging to the Pioneer and Merdeka Generation will receive their benefits first in July.

On the other hand, about 1.4 million Singaporeans will receive GST vouchers of up to $300 in August.

About 520,000 Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2019 will receive up to $450 in GST vouchers for their Medisave accounts in August too.

Those born on or before 31 December 1969 — or those aged 50 and above this year — and who do not receive benefits for the Pioneer or Merdeka Generations will receive a $100 Medisave top-up annually from 2019 to 2023.

The first $100 will be credited in August this year.

From November, 1.4 million people will also get an additional cash payment of up to $300 each as a Bicentennial Payment GST voucher as part of the Bicentennial Bonus package announced in this year’s Budget.

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