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KC, Kent, and Mason ran a homestay business while they were doing their advanced studies at the university.

At that time, they discovered that there was a lack of proper work and study spaces for young adults.

The choices available? Cafes, libraries, homes and coworking spaces, but each had limitations such as the surrounding noise, lack of flexibility to have group meetings, and accessibility from their own neighbourhoods.

While seeking a good workspace, they were inspired by the concept of “study rooms” and “shared spaces” which is popular in South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“There a few similar spaces in Malaysia but none of them are nestled in our neighbourhood yet,” said the team.

This led to the idea of creating Like.A.Boss (L.A.B.) to accommodate those who faced similar problems as theirs.

The founders of L.A.B.

The team spent less than RM450,000 for planning and renovation within six months before L.A.B. was opened to the public in May this year.

Located at the EcoSky in Kuala Lumpur, the space spans about 3,000 square feet and has a total of two floors.

In search of a distraction-free workspace

According to the Inti Survey (2017), the market size for potential coworking space users is between RM30 million to RM50 million.

Based on the Inti Survey 2017, Official Portal Department of Statistics Malaysia (Labor Force and Social Statistic), and Ministry of Education / Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

Based on the L.A.B. team’s observations and customers’ needs, they want the space to be known as a well-designed workspace that helps customers to greatly expedite the task processing time.

Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

“For example, if you can finish a five-day task in three days, you will have more time to spend on other things you need to do,” they said. “Our job is to prepare a conducive workspace for our customers.”

This space is not only just for working adults. Students from high school and college are welcome to use the space at L.A.B.

Finding the right price for the market

L.A.B. is very aware of their customer base and their pricing shows that understanding.

For daily walk-ins, it is RM18 for the first three hours and RM20/day. The fees include all amenities such as ground coffee, tea selections, light refreshments, and WiFi.

The pantry area / Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

They also have other plans available for customers such as a monthly pass (RM269/month) and student promotions (RM15/day).

L.A.B has four different zones—Focusing Zone, Relaxing Zone, Private Cabin/Office and Conference Room.

Image Credit: Like.A.Boss
Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

Their workspace facilities include high-speed Internet, cubicle seating with power supply, and “just-the-right” temperature in rooms.

The customers will get special treats such as to-do lists, aromatherapy, and deep focus music played in the background.

The to-do lists / Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

For customers who want to take a break, there’s also a book and magazine section.

Creating a “work-life” balance

L.A.B. has plans to run events and workshops for customers to learn something outside of their daily routine. Customers can take them as leisure experiences or new hobbies.

Their ultimate goal is to help people to do better in time management and free up more time for their personal activities.

Image Credit: Like.A.Boss

Even though the place and culture we currently live in is often still very far from achieving a good “work-life” balance, L.A.B. believes that everyone can achieve, given the right tools and support that are necessary to increase work efficiency.

“We believe a work-life balance can actually drive up the person’s happiness and productivity.”

  • Like.A.Boss is located at Unit 1-21, EcoSky, Batu 6 1/2 Jalan Ipoh, 68100, Kuala Lumpur

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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