Honestbee Malaysia recently sent out an email to vendors and users about the temporary suspension of its operations, starting from July 22.

Published 2019-07-18 15:09:55

In early June this year, honestbee Malaysia announced it would still be up and running after its Singaporean counterpart suspended its food delivery and laundry services.

However, as of today, it appears that honestbee Malaysia may be finding itself in a bit of a bind.

They sent out emails to customers saying that their ceasing of operations is only temporary, and that they’ll be back “soon”.

This decision appears to be the result of their Singaporean headquarters’ intention to reform the honestbee business.

Starting from the 22nd of July 2019, users can no longer place orders for groceries.

The last day to do so is by the 19th of July 2019, this Friday, in order to guarantee a slot for delivery over the weekend.

This announcement may not come as a surprise to many with the myriad of honestbee announcements this year alone, signalling a downward spiral for the company.

In April, honestbee Singapore laid off 10% of its global headcount.

In May, co-founder Joel Sng resigned as CEO, following other co-founder Isaac Tay and managing director Chris Urban’s departures from the firm.

Just yesterday, Christina Lim, who held the position of vice president of marketing at honestbee for a year, also left the firm.


Competition is stiff in this region, both on the food delivery and grocery delivery front.

On-demand delivery services are unsurprisingly popular with users, but expensive to run and maintain for providers.

In the meantime, honestbee’s troubles may run deeper than they previously let on.

A restaurant in SS15 called Jibril had been working with honestbee Malaysia, but announced several hours ago that the delivery service provider in fact owed them thousands of Ringgit from months back.

According to a Facebook post Jibril made, they “received a call from [honestbee Malaysia], to take back their tab”.

We’ve reached out to honestbee Malaysia representatives and will update this piece when they reply.

  • You can read more about honestbee here.

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