With the "work trip" filter turned on, Airbnb will only show you listings that have high ratings by other business travellers.

Alanna Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2019-07-23 11:46:55

When you think of Airbnb, your first thought would be of vacationers or couch surfing—but the platform is also used by business travellers.

Since Airbnb for Work was launched in 2014, about 500,000 companies today are using it to facilitate their work trips and even organise team building experiences.

The platform is now making it easier to find suitable listings for business purposes, with a simple update to their search feature.

Previously, Airbnb would only ask you to specify if your booking is for business by selecting “traveling for work” upon your checkout.

Now they have brought this step forward, so business travellers can turn on a toggle to view only listings for work trips from the beginning of their search.

This way, they’re also filtering out less relevant listings to ensuring higher quality for business travellers.

Screenshots from Airbnb website

According to Airbnb, having the “work trip” filter on means you will be shown only Airbnb Plus listings, and other home and boutique hotel listings that are considered work-friendly by meeting these criteria:

  • At least one business review
  • A high business review rating (4.8+)
  • A high overall rating (4.7+)
  • Hosts that have indicated their listing has a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm

While some existing tools like a travel management dashboard and centralising billing are only available to companies with an Airbnb for Work account, this updated search function will be available for all users.

It was announced and rolled out globally on 23 July, across web, mobile and the Airbnb app.

Featured Image Credit: Screenshot of Airbnb website

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