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Everyone wants to claim their brand is a “premium” brand. But few back up the talk. Yet since the word premium invariably comes with a higher price tag, you want to make sure you’re only shelling out extra for juice that is top of the line.

What makes a premium e-liquid? It’s not just adding a percentage to the price. The brands that really distinguish themselves will have greater consistency from bottle to bottle. They’ll also have a recognizable taste, unlike regular brands which are mass-produced without any unique profile.

A premium brand is also one you can trust. Natural, high-quality ingredients, high manufacturing standards and independent third-party quality testing (that can be easily verified) are a must if you’re going to be spending a little extra. 

To help sift through the pretenders, we’ve put together this list of the best e-juice brands you can trust to back up the “premium” tag.

  1. Glas

Originating from Los Angeles, Glas doesn’t have to say much to convince you they’re worthy of this spot. If their beautiful custom-molded bottles or dedication to traceability doesn’t do it for you, perhaps their award-winning flavors do. 

Their Basix series is still quite affordable, and made with the high-end standards they are renowned for. But if you’re after the definition of a premium e-juice, the crystal bottles of their Badge Collection – available in flavors such as Pound Cake and Guavé – will have you in awe.

2. Naked 100

Clean, dependable, and universally loved, Naked 100 e-liquids won’t break the bank. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t a premium brand. Their 70/30 VG/PG mix goes down easy, and a commitment to the best ingredients means their flavors stay consistent and quality top-shelf from bottle to bottle.

Originally built on a line of fruity medleys, they’ve now built out a wide range of flavor profiles, as well as adding tobacco, menthol, salt and ice variants.

3. Black Note

For those who want the distinct taste of real tobacco, Black Note is the gold standard. Their blends are robust and complex, recalling unique profiles of tobacco from areas like Virginia and Kentucky. The 50/50 VG/PG in each bottle has enough of a kick to feel like the real thing, while not overdoing it.

The company makes their juices in small batches, with special care to the ingredients used, and little to no synthetic additives featured.

4. VaporFi Grand Reserve

VaporFi is a much-loved brand by vapers, for their unique mix-and-match blends. However, what puts them among the ranks of premium brands is their chef-inspired Grand Reserve collection. Coming in a smooth 70/30 VG ratio, vapers willing to spend a little extra can experience “wow” flavors such as Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple POW and Havana Beach.

5. Cuttwood

Classic, sophisticated, Cuttwood have a great reputation in vaping circles, due to their commitment to quality. They put a great amount of dedication into their testing and manufacturing, and as a result, their vape juices draw consistently great reviews. Their price point is not even on the level of many so-called premium juices, but the quality speaks for itself. 

Signature flavors like Unicorn Milk, Bird Brains and Sugar Drizzle are just a few must-try blends from Cuttwood’s range.

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