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“Just (take) Grab lah!”

From taxi rides to food delivery to even parcel delivery, Singaporeans use Grab for getting themselves – and their things – from one place to the other.

Besides the convenience it brings, using Grab is actually rewarding.

Like, literally rewarding.

For every ride taken, or in-store purchases made with GrabPay, or order placed on GrabFood, users will earn points. These GrabRewards points can be used for a variety of deals and discounts, from redeeming vouchers to getting discounted rides or free deliveries.

And it’s so easy to use Grab.

For example, when I’m feeling tired after work, I get a Grab ride home and comfortably earn up to 90 points for a $15 trip.

Whenever a notification pops up on our phones on the latest GrabPay or GrabFood deals, we’d gather everyone to order lunch in.

We’d just collate our colleagues’ lunch orders and boom – an easy 180 points from a $30 order (with discount, might I add), earned from GrabFood.

One of my colleagues earned a whopping 2,000 points in a week just by using GrabPay to pay for meals and shopping.

It’s no surprise that my colleagues and I are avid Grab users since we’re suckers for good deals and value-for-money loyalty programmes.

If we can earn points from our day-to-day expenditure, why not, right?

Since we use it so often, I was curious to find out just what my colleagues have earned from using Grab services so far – besides day-to-day conveniences, of course!

So How Many Points Have You Earned?

How many points have you accumulated in your account now?

Jared Tan (28): “Not much, I think — 1,694. (I’m a Gold member, though.)”

Zafirah Salim (29): “3,683 points.”

Melissa Chan (29): “I’ve used my points quite a bit actually, but I have over 7,000 points in my account now.”

Alanna Tan (24): “5,700+. This is after I bought the 10,000 points for $10, and then redeemed some of it.”

Andrew Lee (27): “(Calculated through history) I claimed 33,000 points over the past year! Currently, I have over 4,000 points now.”

Which service do you use that gives you the most points?

JT: “Considering that I use JustGrab more than GrabFood, I’d say the former.”

ZS: “Using GrabPay to pay for purchases.”

MC: “Offline purchases! Though I don’t use the wallet offline as much as I should be…”

AT: “I guess JustGrab?”

AL: “I believe GrabFood gets me the most points because I order in bulk and help order whenever anyone wants to order in.”

Grab And Go

Well, it comes as no surprise that the most popular services on Grab are ride-hailing and food delivery.

But beyond these two services, there are other ways to earn GrabRewards points.

Zafirah / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

For Zafirah, she makes a conscious effort to look out for the GrabPay logo at cashiers when she’s out shopping or dining.

So far, she has accumulated about 300 points just by paying for her food and shopping with GrabPay.

“If I’m going to spend that money anyway, might as well have it ‘work’ for me by accumulating points,” Melissa said.

She managed to earn over 600 points, thanks to her Platinum tier membership, when she used GrabPay to pay at an innisfree store.

The other three I spoke to said they haven’t been going out of their way to use GrabPay to earn points.

Jared / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

“I feel like I should, but I didn’t think I’d ever earn enough points to redeem anything significant, so I just don’t bother,” Jared conceded.

While he’s disappointed that he doesn’t even have enough points to redeem a $5 Grab voucher, for now, he’s content to get food discounts vouchers at his favourite fast food restaurants, knowing that it will only be a matter of time before he accumulates more points.

Alanna / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Alanna shared that even though the idea of using GrabPay to earn more points is “very worth it”, she hasn’t “committed [the act] to muscle memory yet”.

She added that during the times she has used GrabPay to make payments, she gets a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of being rewarded by just doing “usual daily things”.

“I’m going to start looking out for GrabPay merchants and make it a point to pay with GrabPay from now on,” she said determinedly.

Andrew / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

As for Andrew, he said he’ll use GrabPay to pay only when he gets notifications or updates from colleagues about a GrabPay deal that’s “difficult to resist”.

He hasn’t used GrabPay offline yet since he typically shops online, but admits that the number of points he can earn doing that is enough to tempt him to go out more often.

All of them, except Jared, have used their points to redeem something from GrabRewards.

“I mostly redeem my points for discounts off my Grab ride,” Zafirah said.

Melissa added, “I’ve redeemed some ‘$10 off’ and ‘$15 off’ vouchers with my points.”

Both Zafirah and Melissa have taken advantage of a ‘$10 for 10,000 points’ deal recently during the Grab Singapore Sale and redeemed the points for a ‘$25 off’ Grab ride voucher.

Redemption of vouchers happen in just an instant and users will be able to use them right away.

For Alanna, at times when she walks past places like LiHO or Udders, she would check to see if she has enough points for a discount voucher and get herself a cuppa or a scoop right away.

Melissa / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Platinum member Melissa would redeem a bunch of discounts and vouchers in one go, and use them whenever she feels like it – especially during surge hours.

Andrew shared, “I always find myself redeeming GrabFood vouchers because I’m usually eating alone and it helps negate the delivery fee or minimum order to hit a discount.”

He thinks it’s “crazy” that no one would use the points and advises everyone to use their points.

“The only time I wouldn’t claim (the points) is when I don’t have enough points,” Andrew exclaimed.

Of course, it’s not only those GrabRewards points – sometimes, you can also be rewarded without spending a single point!

Screenshot from Melissa’s GrabRewards page

For instance, customers can redeem a free Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream sample – no points needed!

Kiasu? We say it’s totally worth it.

Other benefits include a 30% discount on Etude House purchases, and retail promotions that will multiply your GrabRewards points on top of the points you earn.

It’s really a rewards system that keeps rewarding.

Grab And Get Rewarded

Whether you’re the type who actively redeems offers and vouchers, or the type who uses it sparingly, you’ll still “earn” as you spend.

The great thing is, it’s so easy to use GrabPay and collect those GrabRewards points – just look out for the signs at retail, F&B, and lifestyle partners islandwide!

In fact, Grab has also updated their GrabRewards catalogue with more awesome products to redeem, including Nintendo Switch, AirPods, and Samsung Galaxy S10.

On top of that, Gold and Platinum members also get to enjoy exclusive GrabRewards deals, ranging from lifestyle ones (a personalised Etude House lipstick, anyone?) to travel specials, such as discounted access to airport lounges across Southeast Asia.

Gold and Platinum members also get up to 20% discount for dining at F&B establishments such as Tanuki Raw Express and the Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant.

Grab Challenge

Grab has also recently introduced the Challenges feature so users can get more opportunities to accumulate points and unlock even more rewards.

For each Challenge they complete, they will win free rides, vouchers, or GrabRewards points – talk about a great way to increase your stash of points!

As for the latest Grab Challenge – be the first three to complete 450 rides in the Ride to Tokyo Challenge (ends 31 Dec 2019) and win a pair of Business Class tickets to Tokyo!

The best part about this is that GrabRewards points don’t expire anymore.

That is, of course, as long as you make one transaction on Grab within six months from your last transaction.

So if you aren’t already ‘Grabbing’ to earn points, start now!

This article is brought to you by Grab.

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