SAP launched its first accelerator in Singapore called SAP.iO Foundry, and they are looking to groom SEAsian startups with a focus on enterprise tech.

Published 2019-08-13 16:52:52

German software firm SAP today announced the launch of its first startup accelerator in Singapore.

Called SAP.iO Foundry Singapore, the firm is looking to groom Southeast Asian startups that have a focus on enterprise tech.

Startups under their accelerator won’t just gain access to SAP’s APIs and tech, but will also benefit from mentorships and potential collaborations with SAP customers.

SAP is kicking off the launch of the accelerator with 7 early-stage startups, which include firms that focus on workplace tools, and even one that created “an e-commerce add-on that helps online shoppers find clothes that fit”.

“SAP is committed to Singapore’s dynamic start-up ecosystem,” said Lalitha Bhaskara, head of SAP.iO Foundries Asia-Pacific and Japan.

“We are excited to be working hand in hand over the next three months with these innovative start-ups to help them deliver winning outcomes and incremental value to our customers.”

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